2002 – 13

2002 – Cauldron of Fuzz (The Ritual Begins)
2003 – SuperGod[t]DevilMan
2003 – Cauldron of Fuzz II (The Ritual Continues)

2003 – Cauldron of Fuzz II (The Bonus Material)

2004 – Blueprint (DIABOLIC) (EP)
2004 – Cauldron of Fuzz III: Legion
2005 – Wizards Blood
2007 - The Path of the Wicked [ep]

Label: WoeconstrictoR Records


Formed in 1997 from the remains of a local band that disbanded. H & Josh decided to create a stoner/doom project called Planet Gemini. Purchasing cheap equipment to record their first DEMO EP entitled “Phantom Figures” which consisted of 5 original songs. The demo while rough and very poorly produced generated a small buzz on the internet and led to the band taking this small side project in the direction of a full fledged band

With the help of a mutual friend in February of 2002 Planet Gemini built their own high quality recording studio where they would spend their time writing and recording music for their first release “13”. The band would decide rather than spend the money on an actual pressing of the CD they would offer it for free via the internet on their webpage www.planetgemini.net. “13” was released in July of 2002 to a big reaction from the internet.


With some of the leftovers from their previous album Planet Gemini decided to create an EP which would be entitled “Cauldron of Fuzz”. The goal was to take the two songs left over from the “13” project and write two or three extra songs for the release. The plan was to go into the studio overnight and record as much material as they could. They left the studio 24 hours later with 13 new songs and 2 left overs. The project became it’s own living, breathing entity which the band would continue annually.


After the release of Cauldron of Fuzz the band went back into the studio and began throwing around ideas for their next project. The title “SuperGod” was something that the band was going to use for their first EP but the song was never finished. The first song written for SuperGod brought the band in a different direction. Much heavier and much more aggressive than their previous almost “Stonerrock” titles. Later with the addition of more material the band decide to split the album title and call it SuperGod[t]DevilMan to add an almost good vs. evil connotation to the project. The album was an amazing success both on the internet and in CD sales. SuperGod[t]DevilMan was the first CD to make Gemini Records a reality. With the response and popularity brought on by the SuperGod project and the constant inquires and requests from their fan-base the band would ultimately release their previous two albums on CD.


Receiving allot of attention from the online media and being heralded as one of the top 10 doom releases of 2003 Planet Gemini’s next project would be the inevitable sequel to the Cauldron of Fuzz series. It was simple; the band would lock themselves in a room for the weekend and improvise all of the material and then later release the project. The band left the studio 48 hours later with 90+ minutes worth of music. Realizing that they had too MUCH material for a single CD they decided that the Cauldron of Fuzz II project would have to be released as a double album. They scheduled a time two weeks later and finished up the writing of the second CD. Cauldron of Fuzz II (The Directors Cut) was released on Halloween of 2003 on the bands webpage. The amount of traffic the band received nearly crashed their web-server.


In 2004 the band spent allot of time revamping their studio. Wanting to use a more analog style of recording (as opposed to the digital that they grown accustom to) the band went out and bought all new equipment in efforts to expand their sound. 2004 saw the release of a bunch of demos that the band had been working on for their upcoming release DIABOLIC. The project was later scrapped due to issues with the recording equipment.


With the band struggling to get the analog to sound up to par they reverted back to the old digital recording method for their most recent Cauldron of Fuzz album entitled “Cauldron of Fuzz III: Legion”. The album served as a whole new direction for the band and single handedly shot the Cauldron of Fuzz series in another genre of music. Legion was NOT a doom metal release. It was fast paced, extremely angry, murderous and vicious. The band once again hit on a whole new style and even though this was their 6th release it sounded as if it was a fresh and hungry band trying out these new ideas for the first time.


Where as the album was adored by the members of the band they found their fan-base alienated by the aggressive overtones of the project. People who grew to enjoy the bands slower more dark and sinister side were now listening to a project that was “in your face” and more classic metal driven. With high pitched Rob Halford type screams replacing the more whine-laden Osbourne style vocals of the past few albums. Legion brought in a whole new fan to Planet Gemini, a fan of more “modern” style of metal.


In June of 2005 the band finally were ready to begin recording with their analog setup. The result: Wizards Blood. A release that combined the aggression of “Legion” with the power of “SuperGod[t]DevilMan”. From the drone of “Wizards” to the power of “The Haunting” and the aggression of “Handful of Annihilation” Planet Gemini has successfully merged the two projects and has done so in a way that they have taken their fan-base on a whole new journey.

In 2006 the bass player "Josh" left the band to do some soul searching. Planet Gemini continues on as a "one man show" with the previous material Hellion wrote 90% of the music and 100% of the lyrics so not much change will be taken with the new Planet Gemini projects.

In August of 2007 Planet Gemini will release "Wicked" the long awaited album that got put on hold for a year while Hellion sorted out some issues with Josh leaving the band. The Path of the Wicked [ep] was released on June 13th (the birthday of Planet Gemini's first full length album "13") it consists of 28 minutes of music that will not be featured on the "Wicked" release. Including a rerecorded version of "Take Me Home" wihch is the first Planet Gemini song ever written.

Press Comments

”Huge, steaming sludge chords that accomplish the promising heft of stoner rock in spades. They magically and successfully capture the underground sounds of the heavy '70s. Sabbatherian grooves for miles, with a shocking '70s authenticity, one of the more eventful and action-packed doom records in at least a decade. bone-chilling vocals, insanely overbearing guitars, pummeling rhythms... Planet Gemini should garner respect equal to Trouble.”
– Martin Popoff on SuperGod[t]DevilMan

”Very dark songs, great guitar leads and great songwriting all the way through it. I really dig the slow driving beats; just laying down a super heavy path...It is almost like I could envision a bulldozer pushing dead bodies into an excavated ditch after a brutal war...that's the Gemini sound.”
– Rob Wrong (stonerorck.com) on SuperGod[t]DevilMan


“The music to all of this is a heartfelt blend of Sabbath (the first four, ‘natch) and Trouble, heavy on the Sabbath. Given the fact that so many bands have made music with these two icons as their main influences, its remarkable that Planet Gemini can produce all this music and keep it fresh and original. But they do it, in spades. This is aggressive old school riffing doom made with passion.”
Kevin McHugh (Doom-Metal.com) on SuperGod[t]DevilMan


“Planet Gemini play a killer, sludgy doom metal that manages to frighten while remaining accessible and formidably crushing. The mystique is awesome, the vocals, distinct, excellent, and innovatively, somewhat distantly, recorded. No one has touched this particular vibe, save for classic-era Cathedral”
– BW&BK Magazine on KnuckleTrack #73 – Track #9 “SuperGod”


there is no getting around it, it's true. Planet Gemini Walk down the same path as heavy weights Cathedral, Trouble and the grandfathers of doom - Black Sabbath
- Deanna St.Croix (Stonerrockchick.com) on SuperGod[t]DevilMan

this is one hell of an album. It’s powerful traditional doom with a full, rich sound. Hellion’s Ozzy-like wail gives the tunes a classic power metal feel. This, combined with their doomy riffs and somewhat galloping pace, makes Wizard’s Blood a lesson in epic metal.”

- John Pegoraro (Stonerrock.com) on Wizards Blood

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