Release Date: October 31st 2003
Label: Gemini Records

Somewhere along the way we decided that one CD wasn't enough. Cauldron of Fuzz 2 is over 2 hours of original music from Planet Gemini. Written in 72 hours and recorded and polished (if you can call it that) in two months time. Cauldron of Fuzz 2 is an amazing entry into the Cauldron of Fuzz series. and is without a doubt the most poetic piece of work we've ever written. From the emotional standpoint Cauldron of Fuzz 2 is untouchable. You can hear the vulnerability. The fear. the anger.. the aggression.. You almost know what is going on in the mind of the character that you are following. Insanity is there.. and it isn't going away.

Cauldron of Fuzz 2 is a MAJOR accomplishment for us not just as a band but as artists. Something that made us proud of what we were doing. Everything is done with so much emotion and passion that it almost wrote itself. Mistakes are there.. we will be the first to admit that. but to record these songs over would lose the feel. These songs are raw. but that's what they are supposed to be. Heavy anthems of power. and enlightenment.

(The Ritual Continues)
01. Slices of Death
02. My Way
03. Metamophosis
04. Cooper
05. World of Nothing
06. Numbahz
07. Afterglow
08. Cemetery Man
09. Hollow
10. 4U (Ascention)
11. Visions
12. Amethyst

(The Bonus Material)
01. Fuzz Ritual circa2003
02. Euphony
03. Witchburner
04. Firewalker
05. Demon Cleaner
06. Fireball (Deep Purple Cover)
07. Only the Dead (ITNoE)
08. Sihlouette of Graves
09. Filling Your Pockets
10. Becoming
11. Doomed by the Living Dead (Mercyful Fate Cover)
12. Blacklight
13. Misdirected
14. Fallen