We toyed with many different ideas for Cauldron of Fuzz 3. We played around in the studio and actually tried "writing" some songs for the album that would become Legion. However, we found that the old tried and true method of just "banging it out" in the studio was the best bet. We are left with Cauldron of Fuzz III.

Legion (We are Many)

I think we really confused allot of people with the release of COF3. The fact remains that Josh and I had tried and tried to record our next COF album and it just wasn't flowing correctly. So we scrapped it. We decided that if this album was to be successful it had to break the mold. Change everything we knew about being Planet Gemini. This would be our last time recording under the digital circumstances that we have come so accustom to. I believe that we went out with a bang with this album as we pushed the limits of what we could accomplish by literally finishing and mastering the album in 2 days time. With the last song "The Devil Inside" written the day before release. As well as Phantom Figures being re-recorded just 2 hours before the albums release.

From the opening "you again..." to the final "May suicide be your final fall" COF3 is like nothing Josh or I have ever put our names to. To be honest it is Planet Gemini at it's best. However, something about this album screamed to us "This is not a Planet Gemini album". Originally we were just going to throw it out as the 3rd PG album called "Legion". But it sounded so different, so fresh and raw that we knew it had to be COF3.

A Story?

To understand what the "story" behind COF3 is, one must first understand how the Cauldron of Fuzz lyric writing process works. Most of the songs are just improvised. The music is jammed out and I'll just grab a mic and start singing non-sense over it. After we'll listen back to the recording and decide if the vocal line should stay or be deleted. Well Cauldron of Fuzz 3's lyrics just poured out. I would close my eyes while singing and just envision a person standing in front of a mirror, and a shape behind them holding it's arms out. "A shadow in the mirror watching over all I've done" (All That Slithers).

The story became quite murderous. I honestly can't say with 100% conviction that even I know all the details but this is what I have concluded through extensive analysis of the album.

The main character catches a glimpse of a shape in a mirror. He hears a voice. The shape calls himself an angel. Sent from "God". The angel (Who is referred to as a Ghost in certain songs) tells him that he must stare into this mirror for 7 hours to fully understand everything that is about to happen on Earth. Once staring into the mirror for 7 hours he loses consciousness. 10 hours later awakens covered in blood, and has no idea what he did. Or who's blood is all over him. He goes back to the mirror in disbelief and the "angel" informs him of the "catch"...You see the catch is that he needs to fall into this 7 hour trance to find out what he did the night before, and every time he goes under... he kills again. He is told by the shape that he needs to do this 7 times or God will parish, Heaven will be destroyed there will be no afterlife. There will be no salvation for anyone. He is told of 7 sacrifices he must make in order to save "God". He finds himself falling deeper and deeper. 6 of the 7 are done in the trance. The last of the 7 must be sacrificed by a gunshot wound to the head. Outside of the local ministry that he grew up praying in. The six sacrifices include the persons spouse, a police officer, a neighbor, 1 passer by, 1 child of the ministry and the main sibling. By the last Sacrifice he is totally and completely convinced that "The Ghost" (Which is what he calls the angel when he believes it is evil) is really the devil. All the while the "angel" is trying to explain himself to the character. Trying to win the character over with kind words. Trying to become the characters friend. Almost seeming offended when the character doubts his words. "How dare you doubt me this way, Never wrong have I steered you just conform they'll all fear you, A candle without a flame... because alone you are worthless seems old blessings are new curses somehow" (Seventh Sacrifice). The last Sacrifice is the father of the ministry. It must be done by his hands. By gunshot to the head. off of the top of the building overlooking the church.... The character has been driven to a point of insanity. He chooses to take his own life instead of the priest. After all this is the first "real" murder he has to commit. The ghost/angel tells him "I have made this easy for you"... the character cannot complete the final sacrifice. and turns the gun around and commits suicide. The final scene is with the angel and the character in the mirror overlooking the city which is turning to dust. Being destroyed. The final sacrifice was not completed. the "ghost" or "angel" or "shape" was telling the truth. Overlooking "Oblivion" the image fades out with the shape consoling the character...


The story is bleak I know, and believe me there is allot there that I haven't really deciphered as of yet. But I just grew more and more intrigued with trying to figure out more of the story.

Cauldron of Fuzz 3 - Legion (We are Many)
Is probably my favorite piece of work from us as a band. It is the most diverse album we have created and it is filled with more catchy hooks and clever metaphors than any other album we've put out. This is one top notch CD from us and we hope you all enjoy it as much as we enjoyed making it.

01. Heaven is Dust
02. Revolving
03. Falling to Pieces
04. All That Slithers
05. Colder
06. The Devil Inside
07. Seventh Sacrifice
08. Violence
09. Phantom Figures
10. 10 Hours Later
11. Blood of My Enemies (Manowar Cover)
12. The Horror
13. Through Centuries
14. All Moving Parts (Stand Still) (Black Sabbath Cover)
15. The Mirror