Album Name
Cauldron of Fuzz

Release Date
October 31st 2002

Out of Print

H - Guitar/Vocals/Drums
Josh - Bass


01. Fuzz Ritual 2002
02. Karate Fighter
03. Pitch Phork
04. Holy Father
05. Man Who Wears...
06. Hand of God
07. Seven Hearts
08. Only The Dead
09. Tonight (Want to Look)
10. Eternal Hunter
11. Bloodline
12. My Krystal Spyder
13. Jam Song (Revisited)
14. Iron Sky (Mourn Jam)

Dates Recorded
Between Feb-June 2002

Recording Method

Media for "COF"

13 front cover

Cauldron of Fuzz was a project where Josh and I just decided to go into the studio for an all night Jam Session and see how much we could get done. The thing is that we had a couple of leftovers from 13 and we wanted to put out a mini ep.. Almost like a Wizard of Void single. When we got into the studio the music just flowed so much. We ended up writing 7 songs that first night. There was no way this was going to be a single. So we just decided that it would be better to just keep it to ourselves.

People started writing me and asking about Cauldron of Fuzz. I would make references on the webpage and people would write me saying "How can I get my hands on Fuzz'. Josh and I decided to mix it (which took forever mind you) and send out a shipment of pressings to some people on our mailing list. *only 100 copies of Cauldron of Fuzz were made*

If you look at the front cover you can see the woman holding the fruit. I remember reading in the Salem witch trials they would make a witch hold a piece of fruit for days. because they said if the fruit (or vegitable) rotted in the "witches" hands that would be a sign of proof she made a deal with the devil.
Needless to say the "Fruit in Devil's Hands" line has popped up in lots of places just because I love the analogy of it all. Cauldron of Fuzz brought out songs like "Karate Fighter, Holy Father, Seven Hearts and Man Who Wears The Crown.. Some Planet Gemini favorites.


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