Release: July 1st, 2003
Label: Gemini Records


Every artist has a moment where they go above and beyond. To me SuperGod is that moment. The moment where you realize that you have something special. About 3 songs into the writing process of SuperGod[t]DevilMan I knew we found our "sound' for this CD. It was incredibly heavy and aggressive and I can't stress enough how emotional this Cd was for us.

The First song written for the CD was Song of Servants and the SuperGod. Josh and I just couldn't believe the aggressive nature of the CD. We managed to hit a happy medium of catchy hooks and bone crushing riffs. SuperGod was heavier than anything I could have ever imagined writing. However, all of that heaviness didn't sway the vocal direction

I had a friend call SuperGod "Pure Music Art" and it really made me smile because that is what it was. Every note played with more emotion than the last. By the end of the CD it was apparent that there would be no mistaking SuperGod's greatness.

SuperGod told a tale of betrayal. A tale of Woe if you will. The lyrics were so thought provoking that it justified conversations on theories on the webpage and through e-mails. and there are so many little hidden things in SuperGod that still to this day have not been picked up on. (and probably never will be) I honestly have to say that SuperGod is an emotional rollercoaster. It could very well be my favorite CD ever. (but then again. I'm kind of impartial)