Released on the internet on August 23rd of 2005 Wizards Blood was probably the most difficult Planet Gemini to ever put out. When you take into consideration all of the recording changes that we went through to get to this point (from digital to analog). I mean it was nothing to mic the guitars and bass.. but those damn drums. For anyone who has ever spent the time to mic drums I'm sure you'll know exactly what I'm talking about.

Drums of Doom

One of the biggest complaints about Planet Gemini through-out the years was the fact that we used an electronic drumkit. (Not a Drum Machine as some people may have thought) I actually played everything on the albums but we found it easier just to record with the V-Kit.. I mean it's simple.. there are two outputs you plug em in and there ya go.. instantly mixed drums. We knew that we had gone far enough with that process and that if we wanted to evolve we would need to change the way we recorded.

Ambience vs. Convenience

We started recording songs in 2004 using the acoustic drumkit and what a nightmare it turned out to be. You see.. I (H) learned to play drums on a V-kit.. which helped in some ways and hurt in others. Sensitivity is a HUGE issue. When you are dealing with a V-Kit you really only have 2 or 3 levels of sensitivity. Really soft, Medium and Very Hard. When you are dealing with a real kit the velocity of your playing is very important to maintain the feel and the power of a song. So needless to say I had to work on that allot.. and I think allot of songs really suffered for it.

Album after Album

We started on Diabolic. We wanted to get the Blueprint stuff done on the real drums but we were just not happy with the fell of everything. We then began to write another album.. we were tentatively naming it Oblivion. We thought that once we got the hang of the analog recording process we were all set and would be able to record Oblivion, Diabolic and COFIV by the end of the year. (Man were we wrong). Oblivion's demos are still floating around and will be heard somewhere down the line.

The Can See the Blood of Angels

The first song that was written on this was World of Shine. It was actually written for the COFIII album but we just couldn't see it fitting on this project. Death Comes Out and Flicker were from the Oblivion project.. and Wizards is a re-make of "Wizard of Void" which was originally found on our 2002 release "13". The first song that was REALLY written for the Wizards Blood project was "Devil You Seek". "Church of Madness" was written and recorded that same day but Devil You Seek was just a jam that Josh and I screwed around with. It's so funny to listen to the original jam because you can hear Josh and I talking and I asked him "Slow one or fast one" and he replied with "Fast one" and I counted off and that's how the song was written. the original jam was very close to the final product.

Oh My Children of Fire

As with all of our projects we try to be very cognicent of how the album begins. We want to create something that is going to be instantanious. Something that says "This is either something you are going to love or hate". I think that the opener of the album is perfect. Within 30 seconds of the album you'll pretty much know if you are going to like Planet Gemini or not. It's that immediate recognition that I think sets us apart from allot of other bands out there. It's also proof that we've done a fantastic job in establishing the "Gemini Sound" and we can rear back and use it anytime we'd like to get the listener to that "place" that we tend to speak of often.

The Journey as a Whole

Wizards Blood is filled with hills and valleys. It is the complete epic adventure that we wanted it to be. I mean the album is essentially named after "Wizard of Void" which in our opinion was the song that gave birth to the Gemini sound. As with Wizards Blood... We are Re-born.. a new and fresh band with a new perspective on what is heavy and how heavy is served up to you.

Vocals and Lyrics to Wizards Blood

Another polished portion of Planet Gemini (Tongue Twister) is our lyrical and vocal approach. The vocals behind Planet Gemini are very controversial in the sense that people either love them or hate them. I WANT that line in the sand. It would be incredibly easy for me to be a boring and mundane vocalist barely putting any effort into these songs. But to be quite honest.. This band demands more than that. I sing this shit with all of my heart and soul. Every line filled with as much emotion as the last. As a vocalist there have been words that I've sang that have moved me to tears in the process.. and I've always kept those takes.. I've screamed until I vomited.. I've coughed up blood for these vocals.. This is my complete passion being put into our music.. this is the voice of the band. This is the "conventional" outlet for our soul and passion.. I've hurt myself to sound this way.. I love it.. and in the end.. The music is stronger for it. In the end again it always come back to serving the song. What service would I be doing a line like "I confenss I love the torment you've put me through in time" if I sang it like I was singing Flicker???

The Album in General

Our best... Our first.. I would call this album "Mighty Rebirth"..
I love all of our projects. This album just raised the bar for everything we ever do.

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