We started recording 13 in February of 2002. It was actually going to be a project called "Supergod" at first however Supergod was pushed back because of the lack of experience we had with the new equipment we decided that there should be a couple of "Trial" songs. The original 4 songs were to be Take Me Home, Wizard Of Void, Princess of Hell and Trippin' OUT!. However, The cd just got a feel to it. So we continued with Vibe and Holy War. This would be the CD I would recommend to someone if they were looking for our most "Stoner Induced" effort. I would say that 13 is our stoner strong CD. With tracks like "My Black Cloud" and "Holy War" I believe that it has a mass genre appeal. This CD had a bunch of different song meanings. From addiction to paranoia 13 had it all. I really enjoy this CD I hope that you all enjoy it as well

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