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Cauldron of Fuzz: The Finale
By: H

To start something new it is often smart to give a proper burial to what has just died. Cauldron of Fuzz: The Finale is a tribute to the Planet Gemini that no longer exists. It is incomplete for the most part and may come off as a sloppy demo to most fans. But the fact of the matter remains that there is some awesome material on this release and it's very important to the history of Cauldron of Fuzz to end it off with a bang.

It really is the end of an era and with every end of an era we begin the rise of a new. This release contains some tracks that Josh and I wanted to put out for years. Songs like "Sinister" and "Devil's Wings" have been lying around for a long long time. It is so fitting that they represent our swansong as Cauldron of Fuzz.

It sounds kind of foolish but putting these songs together and mixing them (the best that I could).. really was a difficult and emotional thing for me. Maybe this is closure that I needed more than anyone. Regardless we are all friends here and I am proud to share the final works of Planet Gemini as a duo with all of you.

This started out as a tribute to Josh and what he meant to the project, and while I still consider it as such it grew to be a tribute to our whole past. I actually got to speak with Josh (in e-mail form) today for the first time in a long long time. He said that this release is very bitter sweet and was a little "bothered" that it was being released. I have to say that I would NEVER have released something so incomplete myself (I was always the perfectionist of the two of us) however, these songs will never be used.. and I feel that they should stand for something.

"it is not the end.. it is not the beginning.. it's not even the beginning of the end.... yet the end... of the beginning" - Hellion - Vertigo (2003)

Thank you all for your support and on a personal note I would like to thank Josh for the years of amazing friendship and fantastic music that we created together. It's very rare in life when you find someone who you allow to become a member of your family in every sense of the word. I hope that you find everything you are looking for in life...


WARNING: A lot of tracks on this release are without bass. Josh never put bass to some of these and I thought it would be disrespectful to the man to put my own basslines over something that we worked on together. Most of these songs are basically UNFINISHED, UNMASTERED and extremely RAW...

This album is complete free to download and duplicate...
however it is NOT to be sold under any circumstances without written consent.