Cauldron of Fuzz: The Finale
The final DEMOs of Planet Gemini with Josh on bass
released: October 31st 2006


Heaven, call me a stranger
stranger than your life has a right to be
Seven, deadly hours
To sleep in the comfort of absolute misery (oh yeah)

Tired of your assertion,
Your WORLD OF NOTHING has turned to this WORLD OF SHINE
Higher than your aspiration
I’m lowering down to be on your level tonight

Blind my eyes with colors of aggression
moments of perfection… possession’s reflection now

Run from the feeling
The razor is slicing through layers that once was your life
Flesh slowly peeling
Away from the misery sorrow will have to suffice

Wreck my mind with SINISTER intentions
Thoughts of resurrection
Possession’s reflection now

Wreck my mind with all mankind and leave it all behind
Reflection’s possession now



You move in spiral patterns
The world has fallen to it’s knees
and still in flawless fashion
You make the people all believe

You toss and you turn to let the monsters in
You’re begging for help yet you will never win
Your life is hanging by a thread

Don’t ever believe in life, as the world around you corrodes
It’s all a plan we’ve devised, to keep out the light of a soul we’re reborn.
We glimmer so bright that we shine, we devour the holy unknown
We are brilliant yes we are divine, we pass through the night we are casting no stone

You have this strange suspicion, The dead are dancing on your grave
But with such premonitions, there comes a sin that you can’t save
You shake and you shiver into nothingness
You’re crying for angels to correct this mess
Your world is hanging on the edge

Don’t ever believe we’re blind, we can see through the veils of the dark
We can pass through the walls in your mind.
Survey all the damage OF LIFE and it’s parts
We are better than all of you combined
We are LEGION in NUMBERS we ride
We are serpent we SLITHER through time
We’re UNHOLY TRINITY we are its parts

You toss and you turn to get the demons out
Your world it is over there is no way out
Your life is now nearing it’s end

Don’t ever believe you’ve died
You are just a child now reborn
Inside this world lost in time
Our newest arrival in glorious form
So now welcome and please keep in mind
That we need not demolish our prey
They will come to us deep inside
we’ll raise up and conquer it’s better this way



Close your eyes, My child.. and let them escape your mind
Hold on tight, My child.. this world of light is waiting for your lies
Godlessness, Soullessness.. I can’t see around you
Emptiness, Foolishness… I can’t be without you

It’s a sign, My child.. Pounding your head on the wall
and it’s all mine, My child.. This foolish little entity we call
God, Love, Hate… we need… God, Love, Hate…

It’s such a sweet sensation
I need it spinning me around
Fall for the new temptation
Your world comes crashing down

Come join the congregation, the evil overflows tonight
I am this new creation, a demon wrapped in candlelight
Into this pit we’re lower where screeching silence hears your call
as we take two steps forward.. we’re moving backwards and we fall… down

Oh where is my sanity, send it on it’s way to me
Bring my lost vanity.
Dress it up and put it on display for all to see…



Can you hear the words I’ve said? – Unbelievable
Can you see the things I’ve seen? – Indescribable
I can help you see the light – undesirable
As we journey through our minds – indestructible

Oh no no no you’re falling off the edge, clinging to this ledge again
This place can’t be seen and it’s only a dream, we pretend.. this faith which we depend
the beginning of the end… again.

Do you ever feel you’re saved? – Unattainable
Do you struggle with the pain? – Unavoidable
Are you always out of reach? – Unavailable
As we travel down this path – Unapproachable

Oh no no no I surely do regret, the lies that you suspect again
We’re walking in place but we’re winning this race in a sence
This present’s so past tense. We’re always on the fence… again

Could I offer some advice? – You’re susceptible
Would you give away your soul? – oh so vulnerable
Do you keep inside this rage? – Uncontrollable
As we turn another page – You’re disposable

Oh no no no and now we’re at the end
another fatal trend again…
so high we’ve aspired we’re caught in the fire we’ve singe’d
The flames we’re buried in just the burden of our sin… again



Arise my image, and heal your troubled mind
This world of light you live in, has now been lost in time
It’s tragic circumstances, You’re better for this fall
But I’ll be here to catch you, when no one hears your call.

I know you’ve waited oh so long
I know you’ve never quite moved on
I see signs of hell around you
and your purpose is all wrong
I am mighty contradiction
Just heed my worthless rights
As we all just keep on moving
Through eternity we fight (alright)

Don’t fear their IRON VOICES.
just call out for a stand
and in agony you’ll protest to the infamy of man
You’re just a PHANTOM FIGURE.
A number of a lie.. oh we could bill you for the pleasure
But you can’t afford the ride.

I know you’ve pondered this before
I know you’re never really sure
I see the evil of your nature
And I know what’s soon in store
I know you’ve sinned in every meaning
I know you never could be saved
I can offer you forgiveness
Or you can be a fucking slave

Look away, my gaze is to great for your filthy eyes
Here you’ll stay, to wallow in spite of your worthless lives
Walk away, My presence to great for your bleak condemned fate
You’re a plague, you infect me the longer you stay

Welcome to forever, OBLIVION I’ve found
oh you’re smiling on the outside
but that’s been turned around
see here you’re just a puppet… and I control your strings

I know you’ve sung this song before
I know you’ve struggled and endored
I care nothing for your future
It’s your soul I’m hungry for
I am sick and tired of reason
I am finished with these games
You have made your last decision
and it’s such a crying shame.



Cold embrace of fire
Squeezing till’ the ashes fall
Controlling your desire
and no one’s here to heed your call

and you’re only dreaming
And there’s really no return
and your only meaning is watching the sky, watching the sky

The infernal racket,
the sound of when the walls cave in
and still you crave to have it
the rats are crawling through your skin

and there’s no tomorrow
and there was no yesterday
so build your dreams on sorrow…keep watching the sky, watching the sky

And there’s no salvation
and there’s only hell to pay
your last incarnation will be watching the sky, watching the sky


Flying out of this place
my mind is spinning to other worlds
surely I seem displaced
corroding madness his tale unfurls

How I wish you could stay
But we all slip away

Silence calls my surname
it seems to be that my time is done
and still the blackness remains
so silver his strings have made me so numb

Oh I wish I could say

Down this circle of pain
I’m swirling into to this other time
Where problems all seem so tame
and smiles around say we’re doing fine

Oh I’d take you away
But there’s a price we all pay

Cower from the daylight
The evil sun that devours us all
and still we bathe in starlight
So silver these strings that control us all

Oh I wish we were safe…



Silence calls your name again
It stares through the window as it greets you like a long lost friend
He has nothing to give, with no reason to live
Loneliness will be your end

Cause you’re so high
Yes you’re so high on Devils Wings you fly tonight.

Through criptic thoughts he leads you well
Approaching a world where he promises living hell
With no reason to care, yet still he is there
You call him spite and you know him well.

Cause you’re so high
Yes you’re so high on Devils Wings you’ll fly tonight

Crystal thoughts see through the veil
A slight misconception OF LIFE that you all know so well
There is nothing to gain
There is none but the pain
HORROR to the NEW GOD that recently fell

Cause I’m so high
Yes I’m so high on devils wings I ride
On devils wings I fly
On devils wings I ride
On devils wings I fly tonight


We are NUBMERS to your names
We fall over some days while counting our fortune and fame
You can fight us for forever but you’ll never win this time
The world is mine…
We are preaching Armageddon and we’re claiming you’re the first in line.

We are shadows on the wall
WE MURDER THE LIGHT while you’re holding so tight to it all
We can see into the darkness while you’re drowning on your tears
The end is here
You have no more contribution to the final scene that’s played out here.

Oh how we spin, round and around again
Life’s crimson sin, we drain you from your skin
Into the fire, this sluggish empty mire
Holy empire.. we rise… we rise…

I may not be forever, but I am not so obsolete
While they reach for the heavens…

Hopeless, you’ve found a way to another institution where the crazy people play
Hopeless, you’ll find someday
There is more to life than what you’ve seen there’s promises and empty dreams oh yeah

What do you have when all is lost?
What do you have with all you’ve lost?

I have no future, my soul is paid and sold
Silver intentions.. are worth their weight in gold
I am the answer the King upon his throne
and while you look to heaven… we look at all we own

What do you have when all is lost?
What will you have when all is lost?