Artist: Planet Gemini
 Album: Cauldron of Fuzz V: Sometimes it Comes Back
 Release Date: October 31st 2007
 Length: 42:42
 Genre: Doom Metal
 Label: WoeconstrictoR

01.     Ritual Evolved (7:02)

02.     Demonic Wall (6:04)

03.     The Start of My Demise (4:16)

04.     A Time Before Time (9:27)

05.     Temples of Infinity (7:36)

06.     We All Fall Down (5:33)

07.     Day of Reckoning (2:42)

This is probably the most ambitious project I have challenged myself   with. I went into this project with nothing. On Sunday, October 14th I was sitting in the studio listening to some music. I finally got around to ripping some of my older CD’s so I just sat back on the couch and zoned out listening to bands like “Pentagram”, “Saint Vitus”, “Count Raven”…etc. When I finally awoke from my “half-sleep” I thought to myself “I really need to record some new music”. It really was that simple for me. I sat down behind the drum kit and played this tribal feeling beat and I grabbed a guitar and started playing what would become “Ritual Evolved”. It took me a couple of days to make the press release and announce that it was going to be final but once I have 2 songs written and polished I knew that the album was going to take shape fine.


                I’ll be the first to admit I really have been dying to release some new music. So here was my big chance. I set some minor stipulations. I would give myself until October 20th 2007 to write the songs for the album. The rest of the time would be commited to polishing the tracks and making sure everything flows together well. I literally was working on this release up until the night before it’s release. Some of these melodies are so new that I don’t even remember them yet.


                Above everything else I wanted to focus on making a very “guitar” heavy album. My previous ep “The Path of the Wicked” was a fantastic release but those songs didn’t feel “raw” enough for me. This is just blazing loud music meant to be played at extremely high volumes. The vocals are somewhat buried at times. But you have to understand I was going for the feel of the old underground doom albums that I’ve been listening too lately. There is a lot of experimentation on this album. Songs like Temples of Infinity are very different for me, and truth be told they are going to constitute in either you loving or hating the track. But, I’ve been pleasantly surprised whenever I’ve tried to push the boundaries.


                All in all this is it… “Cauldron of Fuzz V” written in one week. Recorded, mixed and mastered in 2 and a half weeks. Some of this stuff is as new for me as it is for you all… and this is really the vibe I wanted to go for.

I hope you all enjoy