Planet Gemini
The Path of the Wicked [ep]
Release Date: June 13th 2007
Label: WoeconstrictoR Records
Running Time: 28 Minutes
Recorded at: Doom Room Studios


 “Imagine your life was worth so little that you would rather see the world end than make something better of yourself”

The Path of the Wicked is a collection of tracks leading up to the release of the all new full length Planet Gemini album “Wicked” (August 4th 2007).

The recording process of this album was very unique. There are songs that were recorded in the summer/fall of 2006 and there is a track that was done about 3 weeks ago. The challenge for me with this album is making the production all seem similar. With various drum mic’ing techniques and lots and lots of reading up on professional producing “the Path” turned out as a very interesting project.

The Path of the Wicked is supposed to be listened to as one constant track. The difficulty (as with any album that has a slight concept behind it) is making sure that your tracks can stand on their own. While I normally have much more “Peaks and Valleys” to an album in terms of tempo. I think that this album has a solid analog feel to it all the way through.

I would like to go on record and say that this album does NOT represent what “Wicked” will sound like (take that how you will). Wicked is a much heavier album with much more plodding riffs and sinister hooks. There were moments on this release where I thought “that riff sounds a little “happy” for my tastes” but in theory the story is about someone who is running around telling people the world is going to end because he is so miserable.  So the happier sounding riff when coupled by these lyrics of complete misery and delusion really work well together.

The Story
This is a short story about a man who prophesizes the end of the world
On August 4th… Wicked will be the end of the world. Was the man right? He may have stumbled onto something somehow but I really do feel that this is all wishful thinking. There is definitely someone in his ear. Giving him some advice. There is a reverse vocal in here that says “Call my God of Red” which will play a big part in the “Wicked” concept.

I hope you all enjoy this album
It was very fun to make and very cool to get out there to the public
Thank you

*Song Breakdown*
Take Me Home:
The choice to re-record Take Me Home was actually quite a tough one. You never want to re-record something unless it is going to outdo the original. In this case I feel that it does from many different aspects. I think that I managed to make the song feel “Live” with the new ending. The intro is a line from the song “Vertigo” which can be found on Supergod.

Two Worlds:
Slow, pondering, simple & catchy. I feel this song moves towards you very well. A little bit of new things like the chanting at the end really make this a very original Planet Gemini song. This was one of the newer songs recorded on the album. This was one of those tracks that when I first recorded it I wasn’t 100% sure if I wanted to keep it after all Planet Gemini has always been a riff driven band but, then I went home humming the main melody. Once I layered it with some of that wah solo and really brought out the “finer” parts of the song I realized that maybe the riff can take a backseat to the atmosphere on this one track. Personally I love the guitar playing the vocal melody at the end. It just kind of cements what the song is revolved around. The middle eastern chanting with the “A Harmonic” scale buried at the very end really adds a nice touch.

This is the last song recorded for this release and it really signified the completion of the ep. I was a little confused with these next two tracks because they really weren’t as “doom” as my previous releases. But I think that this track holds up very well. Once again it’s incredibally catchy. One of my pet peeves in metal is when a band is completely devoid of harmony. While the harmony on the chorus could be done a little better (I feel)… I think that the uncertainty of the character in the story kind of validates the key being a little screwy

If this were a full LP these two songs would NEVER be put next to each other because they are almost the same tempo. In actuality this track and “Conspiracy” were the two tracks that made me think of running the albums songs all together because when put really close to each other they almost songs like the same track. Like it’s just a tempo change. I really liked that. This riff is a little more “Stoner-ish” but one of the greatest things about this track is that it has a feel of a more “modern” metal song but  it has a very strong Sabbath feel to it. The melody is kind of strange but I’ve always been about doing things differently when it comes to the vocals. The middle part of this track is classic Planet Gemini. Ambient and very “spacey”. “Who can take you higher than the devil we all have buried inside”. I love the way the lyrics to this song kind of sum up the whole story behind the ep in one line. “if I wake tomorrow I’ll have the same old misfortune I live through today”. Probably lyrically my favorite song on the album.

Here in My Mind:
This song has been kicking around since September of 2006. It was originally called “Soul Assassin” but to be honest I didn’t like the original melody that much. I changed up the melody and the lyrics really fit the ep well. “I’m walking for miles to see him, he’s saving my soul”. It’s a classic rocker tune.

Never Satisfied:
This track was also recorded in September and is a cover of the Judas Priest track. The song is about changes in a band in our lives. It fit the situation I was going through at the time and personally it meant a lot to me to record this in “my” style.  If I could gripe about one thing on this song it’s the drum sound. My snare was obviously under-tuned. But, it’s one of those situations where the emotion of the song I think made up for the lack of perfection in the sound.

Take Me Home
New horizons as my soul is dying
Leaving me not to return
Trapped in cages, Turning pages
So afraid of what I’ll learn

Take me home… to Planet Gemini

Life’s for taking, soul is breaking
Sold out to the highest God
Found my lies, through my ties
Nothing left for you to know

Take me home, to where I’m from… Planet Gemini

In the night, trapped inside
So afraid of things that have gone by
Feeling naked, Body’s breaking
Nothing’s left so why try

Take me home, to where I’m from… Planet Gemini


Two Worlds
We walk through forever, We die for the silence
To Armageddon we stand or we will fall

Misunderstanding the world that surrounds you is common in most souls I’ve seen
The lost culmination of where you’ve been searching
You might as well drown in the fear and the sadness and grief

We cling to the shadows, we fight another day
Through walls of air’s manipulation
We spite or else we fade away

Constantly hiding in corners and shadows is never the way I have found
Misrepresenting yourself as a savior
You might as well die cause your soul is so far underground

So prey for deliverance, and crawl toward the guilt
Two steps away from heaven, two lines to hell we build

Wandering blindly like sheep and like lepers may be the way you’re forced to live
Seeking the trust whist you’re playing the victim
you might as well burn in the fires that you once helped build
some might just say it’s a miscalculation
but how can we reap when the sewing is already filled

Moving to fast it seems these moments don’t last
I’ve got this silvery flame that I’m breathing
Dying to live but I have nothing to give
and I have lost with the hand that I’m seeing

And I say “Oh it seems our time is at an end
the dark one is coming around the bend”
So I say “Oh lost messiah won’t you delve in your desire
Leave them screaming to your shadow cause it’s just a shell of what you once were”

Breaking the pace it’s like I’m losing this race
I’m moving slower to steady tonight
another quick dose has turned by brain comatose
as I scream over the wind that I’m fine

Please give me hope, for the troubles that I’m in
Although my nerves are wearing thin
So I say “Oh lost messiah won’t you step into the fire
make them bleed into your shadow cause it’s just a shell of what you once were”

Where do you run to when your mind it is gone?
Is there somewhere my soul can go hide?
Heaven’s all around you so just dry your crying eyes
but remember that hell’s not far behind

Why do we persist it’s such a shame to exist
But we keep dredging along throughout time

I’m cautious to say that things are better this way
There is no reason in fact… there’s no rhyme

Leave me alone, to sort the thoughts in my head
To choke on the words I never said
so I say “Oh lost messiah so abused they all conspire
as they rip into your shadow cause it’s just a shell of what you once were”

Oh the worlds on fire.

Well there’s a cloud over heaven, I’ve got my eyes shut tight and I just can’t see
and you can keep salvation, cause the fire is cleansing to my disbelief
I’ve got this strange fixation, I focus all of my powers on dying inside
Cause I can see tomorrow, and the future has never been looking so bright

There’s a hole in heaven
 a hole in heaven… I believe

Tomorrow starts the new day, I said that yesterday but today it is true
and who’s to say the new way, may not be something better for many of you
This moment meets the numbers, I’m counting down from the ten and I’m ending at one
No matter who believes me, I’m fairly certain that I am the fortunate son

There’s a hole in heaven
a hole in heaven… I must see

Oh can you see the fire, It’s burning up like the smoke that I taste on the side
and who can take you higher than the devil that we all have buried inside?
I pray for Armageddon, I just fall to my knees and I wish you away
Cause if I wake tomorrow, I’ll have the same old misfortune I live through today

There’s a hole in heaven
a hole in heaven… probably

Here in my Mind
Light, a flickering flame.
A candle still burning now
It’s smoking my name

A riveting fight for what we believe
and still we have no control
No power to be

I’m losing my mind or something, It’s only my right.

Side with nothing at all
make no more decisions of
the last one to fall

like in here in my mind
the end is so clear
we stare at the darkness now
the truth it is here

I’m walking for miles to see him, He’s saving my soul.

Find another dark place
and once I have lost again
There’s never a trace

of hope we can find
this struggle within
I’m fighting for every breath
I’ll never give in

I’m praying aloud for someone, I’m losing control.