Gather round the circle
We join each others hands
We wait until tomorrow
Saying ďCould this be the end?Ē
Lost in our divinityÖ another place

We set our sights to new adventures
Fallen from the past
We blindly lead the way to another place

Call My God of Red


Countdown the race is over now
and with a staggering frown you crash and burn somehow
So take your crimson heart and lock it all away
But, it is oh so sad for me to see you hurt this way.

Crouch now pretending to be safe
With such a searing cowl you shouldnít have to wait
So take this pentagram and slice it through your skin
Cause there is no more God where your soul has ventured in.

So Grim my God of red, you really have no choice
A fallen angel youíve lost your wings and sacrificed your only voice
Your servants will pray for you into eternal fire
Your Godless display is proof, so lonely youíll expire
Oh, My God of Red.

I am the one they call the end
I am the final curtain closed within
So sit and wait as we begin
and close your eyes and sleep my passing friend

I must admit the painís so blinding that you will not see
So letís pretend youíre safe and smile at your disbelief

I have a story now to spin
Speak slowly so Iím sure youíll comprehend
The day your God created sin
He closed these gates and never opens them

I must admit that I am not who I appear to be
I do advise to watch your tongue if you should dare to speak

The midnight hourís now at hand
I know itís something that you might expect
There will be others where youíve been
But I assure you they donít give a damn

I must admit the screamingís something that I just canít take
I guess Iíll see you all in hellÖ at least for heavenís sake.


Look at me, tell me what you have to offer
All I see?
Is there more than I can hope for
We can burn the night
We can burn the night
We can burn the night
We can burn the night

Shelter me, hold me in your curse of fire
Torture me.
Make me want your cruel desire. (and)
We will burn the night
We will burn the night
We will burn the night
We will burn the nightÖ away.


Your mind is fading away
I spin around and I canít control
This world of horror we made
Another sinister, afterglow.

Toy warrior crumble in fear
Youíre screaming out, no one cares at all
Your bravery drown in your tears
Denial of heaven, so beautiful

So let it sweep you away
The movement seems so peaceful, but
Itís human nature to betray
Weíll come togetherÖ now move along.


This beast inside me is writhing again
Heís been crawling on all fours just watching
Shadowman, moondancer within
Speaks no words yet I still hear him talking.

Someone make this go away
Thereís a funny feeling I canít place

I never wished you pain
I understand youíre never special
I will erase your name
and none will hearÖ another word you say

Another word you say
Another word you say

Early morning yet Iím still awake
As I search on the prowl for the needles kiss
only madness and murder remain
Deadly doses of death that I canít resist
I can see youíve done the same
Thereís no room for rivals in this game.

I truly understand the stench of death is so alluring
and yet I must command that no one hearsÖ another word you say

Another word you say
Another word you say

When you close your eyes itís deadly sleep
You can feel the cold and plastic shrieks
Frozen lifeless you lay on your own
as scalpels pierce your flesh and call me homeÖ.
ahhh take me home.

There is nowhere to run or to hide
There is only the stalker behind you
Thereís no use to speak or to fight
as the devil inside will divide you

I collect then go away
and I assure youíll vanish with no trace

I will admit to this
It really often brings me pleasure
Your soul is emptiness and none will hear.. another word you say
Through-out these troubled timesÖ we always hurt the ones we value
and so Iíll say goodbye.. as no one hears another word you say

Another word you say


Voices are calling from other worlds to wash all my demons away
This circlet of silver that I behold
may be all thatís keeping the devil inside me at bay

Watching the flowers all turn to dust
if heaven is falling then who shall we trust
Our future is standing on pedestals
Beliefs they are lying, the tears that weíre crying

Oh we move along with time
My children of fire
unhealthy desire
May the beast on your back never die

Symptoms are faltering everyday
Just listing out reasons to live
This unholy trinity I create
Would never accept that I gave all I ever could give
Still their shackles canít shelter me
Still their arrows canít puncture me
Still thereís nothing Iíd rather be
Itís my soul and my fire itís taken me higher

Oh we spin just one more time
Just one more disaster, moving much fasterÖ
May the beast on your back never die

Time flies, moments we canít mend
So highÖ Iíve said it before, Iíll say it again

Holy father keep your back against the wind
Youíll never know where your foes have been

Give me one more moment
Iím so high I canít see the ground
Thereís a peace to this puzzle
I search and I search but itís never around


You know thereís no one behind you
You feel thereís nowhere to run
You feel the devil inside you
This angelís carrying his gun again
Bring fourth this house of pain
A crimson scar of where Iíve been
Bring on all your hate
You canít escape this hand of fate

You hear them creeping around you
The worst has yet now to unfurl
You hear the demons surround you
Your story never shall be told again
Beastly ruthless shape
a pinnacle of evilís state
Bring me to this place
Together we shall satiate
(I wonít be here tonight)
Together we can leave this place

Now, itís time we fly
Youíre reaching for darkness while chasing the child inside.
Now, itís time itís mine
Youíve fallen so quickly itís only so fitting you die

Now, we try oh we try
To hold onto something while kissing forever goodbye


Well Iíve been searching a long time
and I have found we have nothing on our side
feels like we wait for the wrong sign
and no oneís here to tell us to decide
strength now my children
DOOM is your only God and Faith
I hope you understand their master plan
Before itís much too late

Please allow me to step aside
Thereís Godís and thereís Devilís whoíll tell you that they are divine
But the blind lead the blind.

I wish you nothing but solace
Moments of silence compiled over time
and yet weíre stunting our progress
Cause noise to me is where I seem to shine
Straight up my children
DOOM is the only manic state
I hope you realize this thin disguise
before itís much too late

Please allow me to twist the knife
Thereís men and thereís monsters just begging to murder the light
While the blind lead the blind

The door is open now come inside
Weíre playing on levels that heaven can only provide
Must the blind lead the blind

Sleep friend, this door will never close again
Close your eyes, fantasize that image again

Forcing the words to the numbers we play
This demonic possessionís a secret they say

Time, youíve got it on your own again
Why, Youíre losing what you started with


Shadows all around me
They take away my name
Engulf me with the darkness locked inside
and rushing to surround me
This poison of my shame
Leaving me with nowhere left to hide
Iím searching ever crawling
Through sanctumsí holy realm
I just canít seem to reach that piece of mind
and though itís Armageddon
Iíll whisper words of peace
So lovely how we save our last goodbye

So spin a tale of wonder
Collections of our youth
soiling me with venom from your lies
and waiting in the basement
This skeleton of truth
So wretched heís my only alibi
To golden lakes of fire
Iíll drink my final wine
As tears fall like the angels from the sky

And winds of sonic fortune will carry on my name

Eternal now my spirit as I fly

We bleed, We die, We never justify
Our soul remains and still we only worship shadows

We fill our pride
We never have to fight
We only reconcile the darkness and flames that follow

We live a lie

Tossing and turning the worlds gone away
as weíre playing on fields where the bodies now lay
and the monsters awaken so soon we shall pay
in fear

If the end is beginning then what has begun?
If thereís no resurrection then whatís to become?
Is our future just screaming out ďlook what youíve doneĒ?
and so we drift along through time
and never will we see the light

Öand so it ends


Wandering all alone
as time slips away again
hanging from the tree of life in my mind
itís all I ever had

Cold and desolate
I never wanted this
purging my purity inside
itís all I ever had

Nightmare he has a name
I call him eternity
his eyes of crimson
the son of shame
and yet he still calls to me
his vengeance will never satiate
only rekindle as
now to this
I add myself
and itís all Iíll ever have
(Iím all youíll ever have)