01. Sinsation
02. So This is Armageddon
03. Mr Miracle
04. Just One More Time

  05. Where Your Future Lies
06. Cold Fire
07. Tonight's Sunrise
08. This Place Got So Dark
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The Devil Bides His Time is something that I've actually had lying around for a while now. This is basically a collection of music that never got released that was done between the years 2005 to 2008. I actually have a lot of other demos lying around but these are some of the best sounding of the lot.

"Cold Fire" is a song that was supposed to be on "Wizards Blood" (Josh is actually playing bass on this track. But, for some reason I didn't feel that it fit with the overall feel of the album.

Mr. Miracle was written just before I started writing Cauldron of Fuzz 3. I was in a bit of an angry state at the time because I knew I was going to be writing COF3 by myself. Josh's involvement in things was dwindling and he was going through some personal issues. "I keep on saying you're my only friend". Mr. Miracle was a very cool song. Not as heavy as other PG stuff but I hadn't completely lost my mind at this point. That would follow shortly after...

"Where Your Future Lies" is actually the first song I wrote with the knowledge that Josh would no longer be in the band. It was my birthday (yes Josh quit the band on my birthday of 2006) there's some cool lyrics in this song but I was feeling so numb that I couldn't seem to express the aggression that the song needed.

"Sinsation", "Just One More Time", "So This is Armegeddon" and "Tonight's Sunrise" were all written before Cauldron of Fuzz V. Sinsation and Just One More Time both have the same chorus performed in a different way. I really like these tracks but putting them back to back wouldn't for me.

and finally "This Place Got So Dark" is something that both Josh and I did for what was to be Cauldron of Fuzz IV. The drummer on this track is a gentlemen named "Dan Jagoda" he was going to sit in for COF4 but sadly it just never came about. I love this song though! It is a great mood piece and I remember playing it for Oly Olson (former drummer of Trouble and current Retro Grave front man) and he was like "WOW... that is some heavy fuckin lyrics bro!"...

The production is all over the place. All of these songs were recorded in different ways using different consoles and different equipment. I'm pretty sure you can hear the different in most tracks. With that being said I think that it's only fair that I share this with you all.

I truly hope you enjoy this inside look into my work over the past couple of years. These songs are all fine I just couldn't find places for them or I couldn't re-capture the power of them in different recordings.

Enjoy listening and thank you all for your support