01. We Murder the Light
02. Your Sky is Falling Down
03. When Your Walls Cave In
04. Fallen Angel (TDC Outtake)
05. The Man Who Burnt the Sun
06. Keep it Warm
  07. AfterGlow (2008)
08. The Seer
09. Gemini Killer
10. We Murder the Light (alt lyrics)
11. Hole in Heaven
12. NiNe

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One thing I've found about recording a lot of this material on my own is that there is a lot of material that gets left on the "Cutting room floor". I was playing a lot of random demos that I've been recording since 2008 for some friends and their response was "Why haven't you just released this as is for people to hear?" I thought about it for a little while because these songs are not perfect in any way, shape or form... but I think that could also be a bit of their charm.

See How the Hands Do Murder is basically what I've been up to for the past couple of years. Some of it was written to be Planet Gemini and some of it was written to be other projects. I was writing for a while in 2008 for a project with Lord Chritus of Terra Firma/Saint Vitus/Lord Vicar/Count Raven but due to some horrible computer crashes at the worst possible time the project kind of got lost in the ether. I codenamed the project "Digital Devil" I had about 5 new songs done and did a rough cover version of "Keep it Warm" (off of Black Sabbath's Born Again album). Chritus said "Everyone wants to sound like Ozzy's Black Sabbath... what if we did something that sounded more like Born Again?" I really do hope to do something with Chritus somewhere down the line. Our schedules just didn't sync up at that time but I'm sure they will. I have a TON of respect for the man.

The tracks "We Murder the Light", "Fallen Angel", "The Man Who Burnt the Sun" and "Your Sky is Falling Down" are all demos that were done for "The Devil's Cauldron" my new album that should be released sometime in 2011 (Hopefully mid to late summer). "The Seer", "Hole in Heaven" and "Gemini Killer" were just various demos that I did here and there.

At the very end of the project I have a vocal track that I did for a band called "Wrath of Ragnarok". They posted on the "Hellride Music" Forums that they couldn't find a singer and so I tried to find someone to help them. I was sent a raw "track" with a skeleton of vocals and I just didn't like the lyrics, melody or... basically anything about the stuff the guitar player came up with for a melody. But I enjoyed the vibe of the song and I figured I'd give it a shot in my own way. Needless to say the band didn't like it. It was too "out there" for them and I don't blame them in the least bit. I really just wanted to see the band do well. I later tried re-doing that melody in a song called "When Your Walls Cave In" which didn't work for me as far as being put on an album. So I decided to present it here to you all.

I truly hope you enjoy this release and please keep in mind that these songs are all demos. They really were never intended to be released in this form but everyone who knows me knows that I tend to enjoy "rawness" in my music. I think that it is very hard to recapture the flow of songs when you polish too much... well... this is about as unpolished as you're going to get.

Thank you all for listening