Planet Gemini - 13

Rain Forest (Of Enlightenment)
Take Me Home
Wizard of Void
Princess of Hell
Trippin' OUT!
Holy War
Suicide Mountain
My Black Cloud
Arc Angel
Killing Me (Sludge Mix)
It's Alright (Whiskey)
Hidden Track


Rain Forest (Of Enlightenment)

The scars of time, etched in the corners of my mind
Mankind’s unkind, I feel the sins of all mankind


Take Me Home

New horizon as my soul is dying. Leaving me not to return..
Trapped in cages, Turning pages. So afraid of what I'll learn
Take me home...
to Planet Gemini
Life's for taking.. Soulless breaking, Sold out to the highest god...
Found my mind... Through mankind.. Nothing left for you to know.
Take me Home
To where I'm from....
Planet Gemini
In the night... Trapped inside.. so afraid of things that have gone by.
Feeling naked.. Body's breaking, Nothing's left so why try.

Take me Home..
To where I'm from...
Planet Gemini


Wizard of Void

Witchburner, Firewalker.. a candle in the night.
Dream catcher soul deceiver... Never sees the light.
Magnetic orb of terror. Coming in your life.
Blood sucker.. Lie creator.. gonna twist your knife.
Living in you mind.
The only way to find.
Search and you might find
The wizard of void takes your soul.
Web Crawler dream creator.. Lord of all this world.
Nocturnal ghost messiah. Fighting for your woe
Air walker... Dream cremator.. Smashing all your youth.
Protector, Undertaker.. Fearing for the truth.
Living in your mind.
The only place to hide.
Look and you will find
The wizard of void takes your soul
You'd better run,
The light we all created.
The only Sun shining before us.
Is gone.....
Living in your mind.
the only way to hide.
look and you may find
You're all alone.. in this place that you call home.
The same old lie.. Wizard of void gonna take your soul away.
Stay alive.. a place that you can't find.
wizard of void gonna take your soul away.
Gone away..
Away. Gone Away!


Princess of Hell

She walks in shadows
Of a dream she won’t forget
and she'll never worry now.

She speaks of shattered dreams
hopeless plots and empty schemes.
and she comes to me now
With her lies.
She walks the holy path
never knowing good from bad.
But she'll never the same

A smile upon her face
tears that washed with hell's embrace
and she's suffering now
from her Lies..
Sleep child and take your rest
is it all inside your head.
There is nothing we can do for now..
Relax and catch your breathe
life itself is second best.
There is much more... I can show you how!


Trippin’ OUT!

Trippin on a hole in my soul
that I’ve lost for so long
Life can be to short for the sport so I try and move on
it may be the same with the shame that you've put upon us.
but one things for sure.. Nevermore will I put the fool on.
You set my plastic soul on fire.
But you live and learn and you ain't living now.
Life is different stages different places that we all leave behind.
You can see the traces in their faces.. In the sand you draw lines
Nothing left for chances, Second glances always wasted my time.
But one things for sure.. Life is more than my spirit can find.
So set my plastic soul on fire... With the desire that you always speak of
So set the neon night on fire.. Cuz you live and learn.. you aint living now.
Trippin' on a hole
Trippin' on my soul



Time has vanished...
inside your lifeless soul
Your mind.. accomplished..
what you can't control..
Listen so hard that you hear them.
dreaming so far that you can't escape..
Living so high that you see them..
Inside your vibe is the only way..
your mind for granted inside
your lifeless soul..
I... Have vanished


Holy War
Armed with his Crucifix and a pocket full of lead.
he kills the demons in a mind all full of dread
Deadly Disciples, and all their sins.
Sit and listen to the war they never win.
I pray for you inside.
Their sins they cannot hide.
Wont be the same no more.
I wont fight your holy war.

You blame the nation for your world so full of dread.
then take donations for the lies that you just said.
evil blasphemer’s upon your face.
losing all of the winners in the graves
Their silent in their stand
confess and you might win.
Won’t be the same no more.
I wont fight your holy war.

What we're living for..
Their shining faces and their angels full of lies
they keep the people under wraps from you and I
Dream or fantasy. Won't ever let you be.
There are places you can't hide.
I see them in your head.
screams of life you know I'm there.
Don't wanna face no more... I can't fight your
Holy war. .


Suicide Mountain

I'm shining.. In darkness.. I've left the outer world behind..
I'm stopping... For no-one.. They've wasted too much of my time.
I cannot tell the reasons.. But, I have never questioned why.
It's away... from their lies.. They'll never catch me I'm too High...
Much too high
I'm floating.. Through shadows.. Of visions I have left behind.
Their memories.. Of past dreams.. I could not relive in real time.
They say that hate's my motive... But I can conjure up a lie.
There screaming.. Displeasing.. Into their world I'd rather.. DIE!
I would DIE!
On top the mountain..
It's where I draw the line.
I feel that nothing else can penetrate my mind..
On Top the mountain..
serenity devine
I feel that no one else can take me home tonight.

So set my soul to rest.
I’ve finally found my best
Here in the mountain..
I've lost my soul!!!!
Over the mountain..
Some souls have taken flight...
I feel serenity, watching me, calling me. Deep inside.

So lay my soul to rest..
Right now I’ve found my best
Here on the mountain
I’ve lost my soul.


My Black Cloud

Shadows in the moonlight
Light my way to miracles
Something from the other side is calling me away

A cenacle aggression
Overseeing earth
Holding onto nothing all I haves’ this blessed curse

I've lost my way out
Out of my Black Cloud

Voices in the darkness
Calling me to empty ground
Sitting at the corner wondering when I'll be found
a silhouette of angels
Divided by my hand
A cold heart revolution by my fatal stand

I've lost my way out
It's the only way I've found
Can't find my way down
Off of my Black Cloud
Just take the pain away
My Black Cloud
I've Tried!
Searching now for answers
as I try to keep my head
Still I sit and can't forget the final words you said
A mystifying concept
Reality yet dream
Holding onto paradise as fatal as it seems

Can't find my way out
and my conscience is so far around
Can't find my way down
Off of My black Cloud


Arc Angel

You see them walking on the water.
You hear them flying through the sky
They steal the rainbow from your pocket
They live in places we can't find.
Reality so far behind.
Living in there state of mind.
The human race and all mankind
Leaving Earth behind
They try to fix their broken halo
and try to mend their tattered wings.
They wear their sins upon their shoulders
to show us all what evil brings.
Seek the truth that you may fine
Living in this place and time
Hate has turned to love divine
The Angels wish you'd die
Marching till’ the end I… I see the future of tomorrow dream
Bleeding till’ the end I… I see the future and tomorrows scheme
When you're going to see my... Evolution.. it’s my final dream.
When you gonna see my.. Execution... it's my final scene
Marching to the end you… You see them walking through the aftermath
Marching in the end you.. You see them winning all the wars at last.
When ya gonna see man’s final chapter in it’s full distinct
When ya gonna see man’s final chapter as he’s now extinct
Holy roller... Hell Patroller,,
See my lies... biding by the ancient eye..
Non-believers.. Death deceivers..
seal your fate.. while you crush them with your hate.


Killing Me (Sludge Mix)

Tonight we stand.. The two of us inside our minds.
a hopeless chance. To keep you from the place we hide.
inside your mind.. This little piece they left behind.
I say they've tried.. Our second thought that's doing fine.
But what they do not see.
is how they're killing me.
Just leave me with.. The sympathy to contemplate.
a vicious show. of their jealousy and petty hate.
Leave me this lie. that leaves me with no chance to cry.
I say I'm fine. the rest of us can move through time.
but what they do not see.
is how they're killing me
So here I sit.. alone for the world to see
A crazy show... A madman in his misery,
Watch this parade.. As time goes by and passion fades.
I'll be okay.. Living out this masquerade...


It’s Alright (Whiskey)

I drink whiskey... I drink wine..
My head's spinning baby..
All the time..
Give me more.. Feed my head..
GOIN SKI'N baby..
Left for dead.
Hair of the dog that bit you makes you wild..
some say it's a curse of the abandoned child..
But it's alright..
Silver bullet In my head.
But I'm still howlin' baby..
I ain't dead...
Watch me go...far away..
Going to leave ya baby…
I can't stay..

Hair of the dog that bit you makes you well..
some say that this life is a living hell
but it's alright..
So drink whiskey…All the time..
Gin and Vodka baby.
Spare no dime..
Oversleeping' … Never lie..
Wake up in the morning baby.
Drink all night..
Hair of the dog that bit you brings you down..
some say that this curse can't be around..
But it's alright..
Hair of the dog that bit you makes you lie..
Hair of the dog that bit you makes you die..
It makes you die.



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