Black light, burning bright
Blow away the day
Pain lies, Suicide

is just another way
Highlight, Lost in flight
Crashing through the ground
Twilight, my light

lost and never found

Just close your eyes in acceptance
and leave the inner world so far behind


Scream cry, lifeís gone by

Like castles in the sand
So high, parasite
a fruit in devilís hands

My life, strange device

A place that no one sees
My right, My fight

Against the enemy.


Just hold my hand in forgiveness

And leave the inner workings of your mind.

Silence is calling

The dawn of a new day

Let all the evilÖ
leave straight from your soul.

Questions are forgiven.
Forgiveness is divine..

Heavens always watching

But hellís not far behind.


Just say my name in the shadows

And close your eyes get ready for a ride.