I look down, I see you
Itís all the same.
Thereís nothing, but fire
Itís all a game

Two eyes and, nobody, can understand
Iíll guide you through fire
Come take my hand


Walk with me through heaven
and Iíll tell you a lie
Walk with me through stages
of your self sufficient life


Call me Firewalker
Itís my only light
Call me Firewalker
Maybe tonight,
Maybe tonight youíll be free
As long as you pray to me.


Iím with you, In spirit
Just walk this way

Iím for you, and no one
will take that away

This world is so cold
that you need the flames
and once you walk forward,
youíll be glad you came


Walk with me through troubles
that evolved from your youth
Come with me escaping
everything but the truth


And call me Firewalker
Itís my holy rite

Call me Firewalker

Maybe tonight,
 Maybe tonight youíll be free
as long as you pray to me



Well I donít know about you

Donít care about your life
I understand your silence
I assure you thatís alright

I consecrate this demon

This weight thatís on your back

And if you now walk forward

Theyíll be no turning back


Life is for the taking
I swear it on my soul
Your foolish undertaking
A loss of all control

I give you now solution

In a path of blessed fire
Cause life can be forgiving

and life can be the lair

And I say Oh..

Watch it disappear, in a moment of time.


Follow the sound of my voice as I guide you through the light
Keep in mind itís a matter of choice but youíre giving up the fight

It isnít right
itís never right


Keep it low with your back to the wall and retrieve your piece of mind
Moving slow and youíll stumble and fall cause the world is so unkind

This isnít right

Itís never right.


Charred and bruised your so badly abused.. but to you itís only right

Somethingís wrong concentration is gone but this happens every night

Life isnít right
Life isnít right

Life isnít right.


In my heart denial
(She wonít come back)
In my hear betrayal
I still taste the poison

(She wonít come back)
Seven Hearts prevail