Back and fourth you sway
like canvass in the wind
Just waiting to begin,
but weíre at that square again
Hold me close as you dodge
a bright and clear mirage

And question everything,
Question everything.


To me you mean the world
and nothing ever changes that
To me youíre stunning gold
youíre shining like the wizards back

To me youíre paradise
a maniac that lives a lie
To me youíre solitude
 oh blessed fire.. Wonít you ignite.


Black or white, it seems
you always need to choose

Seem that once again we lose
another culminations through

Hold me close, as I am God
a glimpse of what we are.

Cherish everything,
 Cherish everything




To me you mean salvation
with your fire burning bright
to me you seem unsure
but the holy war is a foolish fight

To me youíre my aggression
I see you now in candlelight

To me your stunning silence,
oh blessed fire wonít you ignite.


Wrong is right but
do you really even care
Do you really think youíll dare
to meet the consequences here

Hang you head in deaths facade
breathing inside this jar
It isnít everything, there isnít anything


To me thereís nothing left
so tell me what you have to lose
To me thereís no straight path
just circles revolving around our youth
To me thereís no desire,
thereís no place and thereís no time
To me itís your decision
but I beg you fire wonít you ignite.