Youíll never know me,
Youíll never see
Youíll never own me
Leave it be.


A mind thatís so tragic
A mind thatís so pure.
Hear nothing but static
With sickness no cure

A finger is pointed
A likely last stand
A soul is devoured.
May death take you there


Hope I never see you
Never see your eyes
Hope I never see you
Coming my way.


A fight for freedom
My silent stand
A call for reason
Cold and bland


Impetus rising

A soul dressed in black
The sun it is dying

Thereís no coming back
A cauldron of fire

Of diamonds and rust.
unholy desire.
May god forgive your lust


Hope I never see you
See your evil face

Hope I never see you

Coming my way


 You spiral downward
This deadly sleep
Into the blackness
So oblique

Temperatures dropping
your skin turning white

So black with desire

A weak futile fight

A spell now comes over

So deadly with sin
and when itís all over

It all begins again


Hope she never sees you
Sees your evil light

Hope she never meets you
Coming your way.


You leave me standing here with this aesthetic smile
I canít accept the fact youíre growing oh so vile
You are a sacrifice an angel dressed in drag.
Iíll turn and watch you rip the wings off of my back.


Hope I never see you
Hope I never see you
Hope I never see You