Attacking nothing,
All true intentions mine
A soul derived in purity,
 a life devoured by your judgment time

My silence opens,
a door to Netherlands

Where innocent are guilty
from the answers of your
 godless hands..

Your godless hands.


Cold stare of iron,
Witchburner in the sky
Clouded minds that manifest
the evil of mankind

Unholy water,
sleep till the rainfall dries

The innocent of children
brought here to sacrifice
and see you die.


There is nothing left to fear.
There’s no reason why we’re here

Time is pain and pain is tragic.
Fight so hard to keep that magic

There is no place you can run.

There’s no father there’s no sun

Killing time for killing reasons

Hiding so you cannot see them.


Come now the pins are glowing,
Gleam in the devil’s eye,
the soul needs cleansing
from the hate and sin you’ve kept inside

I give you pardon,
From their judgmental eyes
The choice is now before you basic.
Confess witch or now you’ll die