*Introduction to Cauldron of Fuzz 2's Lyrical Approach*

I find it very important to explain to you all where these lyrics came from.
Sure I could sit here and tell you to read them and get your own direction but I feel
that to understand an artist. One must delve into his mind. His thought process.
For those of you who do not know the concept of Cauldron of Fuzz I implore you
to please check out the "Cauldron of Fuzz History" section on this webpage. It is
a nice write up off the way these CD's came to be. Cauldron of Fuzz 2 is on a grander
scale than Fuzz 1 was. Although the songwriting was done the exact same way.

Much like SuperGod was a trip through insanity, through betrayal and eventually suicide.
Cauldron of Fuzz 2 also takes you through insanity. But the trip takes you through different
realms than SuperGod did.. our emotions on SuperGod were of betrayal. I don't believe there
is much about betrayal in COF2 if anything it's almost about tales of love.. and loss.. and
how we as people deal with it. How we fear what the world has in store for us next. There is
another underlying theme behind these two CDs. Betrayal no... but I would say vulnerability.. and the eventual overcoming and empowering.. and just becoming more.  Bringing you to
a state of hatred. That state of anger where you feel like you can move mountains. Cauldron of Fuzz 2 is a trip.. a trip into the mind of a madman. Who has nothing left to lose... and throughout his story you'll see why.. and how it was all lost.. He will corrupt. there will be moments of inspiration to himself.. Moments that could have been good if he wasn't so drastically insane.

I want to say that Cauldron of Fuzz 2 is filled with Power.. and while I don't believe it is
as aggressive as SuperGod I think that deep down it is ten times more imposing. it's all about that state of mind that everyone experiences once in their life. Fear... loss.. abandon.. Things that we
all have to deal with at one point in life but just can't find the words to express these emotions.
Nothing on this CD is handed to you. Everything is left open for interpretation. Once again
I think that we've captured the kind of lyrics that mean something different to everyone.
to me I want this to be personal. I want you to listen to this CD and think that we are talking about
Your life... This CD is writting from the eyes of a person who has seen allot of hardship.
One thing is clear. He is not afraid anymore.. and his weakness is gone..
With all that being said he is still his own worst enemy

For those of you who will read these lyrics and will relate them to real life situations and instances
Music is about emotion... and I thank you all so much for letting these words move you. To us at Planet Gemini these songs are a sign of our evolution as artists.. and we thank you for allowing us that metamorphosis.