Darkness it sleeps in my bed.
Daylight is waiting the nightingales sing
walking among the dead
Twilight is looming the ravens are screaming again…

Living with the dead , Cemetery Man
Fearing what was is said, Is my last stand,

Mending this hole in my head,
Gathering formal directions unknown
Destiny’s over instead
The coffins are breaking
The nightmare’s appearing again

Am I really Gone, Cemetery Man
Living all alone, It’s my final stand


They’re meeting at twilight
They’re leaving your world behind
and marching in numbers

So far behind… So far behind
All right..


Oh they are meeting again,
Gather my children

You’ll make us strong
Fire is burning my hands
The vultures are feeding
The darkness is breeding again.

Am I really lost, Cemetery Man
Love but at a cost, It’s my final stand

 Whoa everything is dead