I’ve tried so hard, To keep my head
To under go the things they’ve said

In constant fear I live a lie.


Despite the change, In my heart.
forgot the life I’d torn apart.
In solitude I am alive.

And we must get through the end of the night.


This heartless shape, of loves embrace
a cold white hope, an act of faith

And it all comes crashing down.
and it all comes baring down on me.


I can bring you hope.

I can take you home

Inside this song you’ll never know.


I can taste your fear
I can break your fear

Cause in the end, I’m always here.


And the time seems so far away

May you never know the struggle
I see the memories lost in time

And how deep they cut you

They cut you inside.


Gazing through the cosmic ocean
My minds intoxication
So take my mind away
Never to see the day
Hoping for some kind of resolution… YEAH!


Smiling down with evil intentions
Crying for your sins
So take my soul away

Never I shall betray
Hoping for some form of retribution… It’s the only way…