Hiding in shadows, They leave you a sign
It’s not the end of time

Or so you’re thinking

Crying in corners , They look in your eyes

And watch another one die
That’s what you’re seeing

They’re looking straight in your mind
They left your world far behind

They’re chanting praises , The end of the world
Is now about to unfold
For your believing

You hear them walking, They’re coming for you
and now our time here is through
That’s what you’re fearing

They leave their steps so up high
until they all have our lives.


The angels call a summit , The world is so unkind
and in the name of evil, They’ll sacrifice mankind


The words are spoken, The end has begun

Now the circle is done
Or so you’re fearing

Inside the spirits , Are losing control

They are screaming for souls
That’s what you’re hearing

They put their lives on the line

And leaving love far behind.