See them walking for the daylight
Crawling from the casket of their minds

See them tremble at forever

Oh how frightening to leave this world behind
You’ve been running from temptations
Crawling through the back roads left inside.

So frustrated your domineer

The silhouette cries out but you are blind        


You’ve seen them running through your nightmares

Creeping through the streets one step behind

Marching slowly towards damnation

Before it’s over someone has to die
You’ve been running for forever

Trying to escape moaning screams of pain.

Lightning crashes through the night life

Now behold a silhouette of graves.

You are saved.


You’ve heard them calling you this way.

You’ve heard them calling you this way.




This house infested with the evil

The dead are walking up like living man

Bodies broken and decaying

Is this the future life that god had planned?

So you look inside the mirror.

Realize your reflections not the same

Your face is slowly dying…

You’ve become the silhouette of graves..