I hear you calling me
A light so black that I canít see.

The answer to a smile might take a while but weíll rely on you

Into the darkness night

A spiritís calling for the right
To contemplate this bitter hate and desecrate the vision of our youth


Come with me and have a drink

Weíll talk and act and even think about the times we had

The past is catching up behind us now.

Youíll wear a phony smile and I might fake on for a while
weíll all pretend and remember when we were friends

But it ends just visions of our youth.


Oh itís been this way before
Oh I canít feel no more


I canít believe the relief
that I had in my heart..
As you said we should part

And the world is so dark
We finally lost that fantasy.
They finally found whatís ailing me.


Take the past away.
Take the past away.