All lyrics and music written by ďHĒ of Planet Gemini with the exception of ďDay of ReckoningĒ
which was written by the band ďPentagramĒ and can be found on their ďDay of ReckoningĒ album.


The end of all things have come to head
The start of all things dead
and with our eyes we see the blind
who fill our hearts with dread

The wicked world thatís spinning for you
Lost in all you see
and with these colors running through you
Red is all you bleed
a ghastly image of our future
The terror of our fate
and while the living dead are crawling
we only sit and wait

The elders speak tomorrows pleasure
Living for today
but they canít see the horror in me
I battle everyday

Running, hiding, counting the dead
Iíve been trying, choking on words that theyíve said
Itís so empty, lifeless so cold and so numb
and this nothing, nowhere has only begun

oh itís only the end of time
Youíve had your lifeÖ now I want mine


Look into my eyes, and tell me this is what you wanted
A figment of your disguise in hell alone is where you cloak it
Speak until youíre mine, The truth is bleeding dying for you
I never even tried.. your demons are waiting to drag you inside

So tell another lie, I truly hope you love this feeling
Your life has passed you by, and youíll never know this pain is healing
Sit and spin your tale, a story of struggle and madness and grief
Your words are growing stale. The devil is laughing preparing his feast

Maybe Iím nothing at all, but we all must have faith in someone
and maybe Iím too high to fall. Itís so hard to say when youíre fucking insane

There is no one, no one who can save you from this
There is no sun, thereís nothing to light your path away
I am your chains, release me
I am your pain, release me


Beneath the fire the flames are still burning
theyíre keeping your soul so warm and you donít know
Deadly disciples of hate youíre all turning
and you want it so badly your heart just canít let it go
but you never know

Where can we run, am I not the only one
The only one to hear this screaming
Where can we go, is there something I donít know
Could this be the start of my demise now

Sinners now gather our plots made of iron
Voices are screaming just so far I canít hear
So stare out the window my heart is so shattered
Thereís no more desire no love to be found here
but itís never clear

Where is my soul, am I losing all control
Control of all my civil beings
Where have I gone, am I just another one
Could this be the start of my demise now

So lock up your feelings in cold strings of power
Take all the judgment and lock it away
Bury your dead in the sins of the father
another deception of life that we all must play
at least for today

What have I done, shutting down to everyone
everyone who ever needs me
Where can I find, the smallest little piece of mind
Could this be the start of my demise now.


Youíll never see me, Iím just a ghost in your machine
I am the antidote, not what you want but who you need
You have no future, it seems youíve blown it all away
On some cosmic game of chance,
The dealer smiled, the cards were played

and I canít believe this, I feel like the heavens opened wide
Tonight the sun wonít shine, the end is in this light Iím holding

Come listen closely, Iíve got a message you canít buy
Iím from another might, a sorrow thatís measured in tears that you cry
So please speak softly, cause if they see you they might try
to fix your empty life. Your lack of enjoyment for whatís left inside

and I canít believe this, to say that our futureís on the line
Itís a time before time, our memories will never follow

and they see nothing, and from nothing they will run
oh so wide eyed, but inside so gone
You dare hold a candle to the blackness of the sun?
now weíre forever, just you and I.
at the end of the world

In a time before time, when the are all aligned
Hereís where our memories will stay
in a world left behind, we canít leave this all to circumstance
or weíll only fade away

In a time before time, when they take whatís yours and mine
You donít have to fade away

And time after time, when we take our place in line
hereís where our legacy will play
You can wait for a sign, but donít leave your dreams to circumstance
or youíll surely fade away



Pray to the setting the sun, that your nightmares just begun
Another place, another time, another life thatís got no light
I know where your mind has gone
To the temples we all run
as if we all belong

Icy poison the beast is inside you
Phantom figure you canít come home again
I see reason just nothing but grandeur
cause your worlds full of sorrow and nothing remains
oh the venom they speak is your dying
as you choke on the blood of the angels that die

So, pray to the setting sun, another wicked war weíve won
another peace, another way
we all must fall to rise they say
Let your enemy closer to strike him
Feels like no one can wash this sin away
In this coffin in which youíve been hiding
itís a spiral decent into your shallow grave
I say heaven is ours for the taking
I say nothing could hold up our spirit so high

as what we have inside
until the day we die

and now I see the light
I look up to the sky
Angels around me fly
The end of time
Leaving soÖ soon



We all fall down, we all end up in pieces all somehow
We all have moments when no oneís around
No time, no place and no more hallowed ground
and no delusions to be free

Walk through this Armageddon, timeís such a lonely place
and I canít escape your eyes, I cannot break the chains that bind you
and so itís Armageddon, a crippled place but Iíve been crippled many times
and we both know itís not foreverÖ

We all fall down, we all end up with nothing all somehow
We all have moments where we hear no sounds
No man, no monsters and no gods are bound
with no delusions we are free

(original lyrics by Pentagram)

Now take your last look the worlds about to fall
Your efforts are useless to move a brick wall
You didnít seem to listen to a thing I say
I think that today will become your day

So open your eyes to which path to take
The manís gonna laugh as resistance it breaks
butchers and cowards theyíve been running your life
This day is for reckoning if you wish to survive


So why donít you open your eyes, to which path to take
the devil will laugh as your resistance he breaks
please be strong stretch your arms down in length
heíll dance in the flames he thrives on your strength