Planet Gemini - Cauldron of Fuzz

Fuzz Ritual 2002 A.D.
Karate Fighter
Pitch Phork
Holy Father
Man Who Wears the Crown
Hand of God
Seven Hearts
Only the Dead (Can Hear)
Tonight (Want to Look)
Eternal Hunter
My Krystal Spyder
Jamsong (Revisited)
Iron Sky (Mourn Jam)


Karate Fighter

Mystic healer walks beside you
Dark sorcerer his light it guides you

Do you think youíre alive?
Do you feel youíre alive? 

A heroís welcome waiting for you
upon your returnís when you learn
that theyíve bought and theyíve sold you
They wonít let you survive
So you fight for your life 

A lonely road theyíve placed before you
Left all alone sticks and stones
They have thrown and it hurts you
You must fight for your life
Just never say die

Follow me now as I look for the answers
Never returning again
Help me with days where I know thereís no meaning
And Iím alone once again

All I had I gave to their meaning
Never a thanking or care
Help with times that I know thereís no future
and I am lost once again 

The holy gates have closed before you
All you have learned is youíve burned
and now hells fire scorns you


Pitch Phork

Confused in my dementia
Through all space and time
I am moving forward
Iíve left your world behind
Far behind

And I know your struggles
And I know them well
You are left for nothing
Going nowhere
Going nowhere

Just consider my infection
While you stand all alone
I offer you your freedom
I offer you a home
All alone

And I know your story
Yeah, Iíve read it well
You are going nowhere
Going nowhere
Going nowhere

 Yeah your lifeís a puzzle
Wonít you forget what you have learned
They are trying to keep you

Going nowhere
Going nowhere

Holy Father 

Where did you go?
Where have you been when Iíve been here for you?
Give up the ghost
Itís time to come clean and I need to hear the truth
I canít find, piece of mind making a bad situation worse
everyday time slips away itís so frustrating how it never seems to change  

Trapped inside this lonely vessel what I used to be
(It never seems to change)
Staring out into the blackness of my misery
(It never seems to change)
Feeling out of place I suffer struggle with my past.
(It never seems to change)
Nothingís out there Holy Father kill the pain at last
Kill the pain at last

Leave me alone
Just leave me here to recall what Iíve done
Take me home
Back to the place where I truly belong
Give me strength nothings left
What do you have when all is lost?
Every time I fall in line
it seems that someone needs to push me a side


Living in this lost horizon, paradise of sin
(Theyíre pushing me aside)
Watching for their cruel intentions, struggling within
(Theyíre pushing me inside)
Hoping now to end the madness, suffering at last
(Theyíre pushing me aside)
I pray to you holy father, kill the pain at last

I need some hope
Give me a chance to explain what I have done
But donít get close.
Inside my disease will infect everyone 

I canít save, thieves and slaves
They line up all one at a time
every plan a bitter end
thereís no repenting that will save you this time 

Understand hereís my position In this spectral realm
(They wonít save you this time)
I donít condemn I just listen to the tales they tell
(They wonít save you this time)
Speaking of your higher power, just an empty hole
(They wonít save you this time)
Now I thank you holy father for giving me your soul 

Holy father now I own your soul.

Man Who Wears the Crown

Watch me slip away,
Leave and now Iím gone
Avoid but never stray
My light has only begun

Feel their bodies burning
Charring them all black and blue
Feel their redemption
Spiraling all over you. Yeah

The fever in my heart
Lies choking now
But temptation never wins
to the man that wears the crown

Iíve got that feeling
Youíre never gonna see the day
Sacrifice the demonís
And may your nightmares be washed away


Catch me now Iím falling
Through the hands of God
Leavingís so disturbing
Watching your facade

Soul sacrifice (Never believe what theyíve told you)
See through your disguise (I am your only friend)
So damn precise (Everything is now in order)
Thread through a needles eye. (Now all you have to do is sign)


Hand of God

Come all yeí faithful
Frozen in time
Watch as your demigods implode
Fear no evil
Watching the ancient eye
You know it never lies or so your told 

Oh their colors they blind your eyes
Take your money they hypnotize
Speak the truth and you watch the lies
Feel there evil lies

Shake the hand of god for what youíve done and prepare for redemption
Your belief is flawed quartered and drawn there is no resurrection
Make your deal with death thereís nothing left cold black and oh so empty
Thereís nowhere to run youíre dead and gone and lifeís your only envy now 

Come my fanatics
Come drink my wine
inside this vessel of your sins
Heed my warning
On my final breath
You know the wages of sin resolve in death

Oh my colors they blind your eyes
Take your money I hypnotize
Speak the truth and you watch me lie
Feel my evil rise

Screaming for your lives your last demise and now your fate is chosen
Repent for your lives on fear he thrives deceptionís web is woven
Rely on your faith youíre never safe. Red eyes are always watching
Black forest of truth your wasted youth
The WIZARD OF VOID is stalking you
Youíre all alone in this place that you call home
The same old lies, Wizard of Void gonna take your soul away


Seven Hearts

Lost in a dream and Iím mending the hole in my soul
Silent screams I no longer ignore
Chasing the sun watch it burn as it lights up the sky
Crashing down without questioning why
In my heart denial
In my heart betrayal
I still taste the poison
7 hearts prevail 

Losing control as Iím falling apart at the seams
Crash and burn but Iíd do it again.
Living my life without trust
I canít trust anyone.
Close the door on this pain as now Iím gone. Yeah.

Walking away from the past as it comes up again
Try to run but itís hunting me down
Pieces they fall from the sky
like a puzzle they lock into place
Without making a sound 

In my heart denial
In my heart is pain
I still taste the poison

7 hearts remain
In my heart denial
In my heart betrayal
I still taste the poison
7 hearts prevail


Only the Dead (Can Hear)

The underworld, A darkened place
Left in silence you crawl
Purgatory, Your deep disgrace
You can hear they screaming for your soul

 The afterlife, So damp and cold
Theyíre placing judgment on all
Thereís no castle, no stairs of gold
And through the blackness you can hear them call

A lake of fire, or heavenís holy light
Itís your desire. Black candles in the night
The hierophant and the jester
Are wielding the ace of wands
Theyíre souls for hire
Weíre all just rooks and pawns

The saint and the sinner are all just one and the same
The loser and the winner, at least still playing the game
Now we end this chapter of this afterlife
Swimming much faster to avoid the antichrist



Tonight (Want to Look?)


We sail, Past and future memories gone by
You relive them
They want to look but still you close your eyes
You canít see them anyway

A slave, your life they put you on display
You canít forgive them
Tonight, another past life paradise
But you canít relive it if you try  

The perfect crime, The heart lives on by the body lies
I wonder why do you refuse to roll over and die
Wait for my sign and I can give you the perfect time
My, My, My, itís good to see your mind as fucked up as mine

All the things that play with my mind
Turn to skeletons when I close my eyes tonight  

Letís reconcile, the soul we lost by another mile
It makes me smile to see you laugh as a suffer a while
Could you be wild, or just a queen of the corpses piled
Weíre in denial. Weíre nocturnal pedophiles

Seeking shelter in your heart
tore my world apart and now I wait for you
All the things that play with my mind
Turn to skeletons when I close my eyes tonight



Eternal Hunter

Exploding spiral in the darkness that you breath
Your body aches from the disease
Eternal hunterís taking all that you receive
And only silence hears your screams

False prophet healer in vessels of your mind
What the deceivers leave behind
Eternal hunterís taking all thatís yours and mine
Your souls are lost in space and time

Lost in space and time
Lost in space and time

Cry out for saviors
As you hope and as you pray
You soul to thrive another day
Eternal Hunterís saying all thatís left to say
We just watch us fade away

We watch us fade away
We just watch us fade away



Screaming but silence is the answer
(Iíve fooled you all so many times)
Hearing temptation all around
(and there it is I see it now)

Inside these walls there lies the future
(Of what my mind sees to be real)
Fearing nothing but the silent sound
(Itís murder and Iím all around) 

Watching from far away, Memories inside
Leaving my lonely place in time

You might say itís over
Never over, Never over
You might say itís done
Never done, Never done

I know your future
Inside of these walls
I have the answers
all you do is ask the question why


Cold black shape of youthís aggression
(inside his house youíre never safe)
something slowly walks your way
(youíll never see another day)

Blessed with a curse of his infliction
(The lights are out and youíre alone)
watching over yours and mine
(This hallows eve itís killing time)
 Now itís killing time


My Krystal Spyder

Have you seen my crystal spider?
He has eyes of mercury
He has left. His web of hatred
Be aware, if you dare. Would you please?

Send him back to me
Give him back to me

Have you heard my crystal spider
As he cries, Mystic melody

He belongs with those who need him
If you dare please beware oh but please
Give him back to me

Time was your words
Was every song I heard
Now all I feel is time
For you I long
Now that your touch has gone
and only memories remain

 Itís for your light
Iíd gladly give my life
Now and forever I am lost

 Time was your words
Was every song I heard


Iron Sky (Mourn Jam)

The light grows weak
Is that the way where shadows fall
Our futureís bleak
Behind brick walls they watch us fall

Reduced to victims
Bound by holy light
the candles in the wind
beneath the iron sky

We lose our minds
Within the 13th hour
Our quest to find
The corridors of power 

Seduced and tortured
Surviving empty minds
We burn the future away
Beneath the iron sky

Obsessed by hatred
We make the sign
A freak of nature
Beneath the iron sky

We burn the future
Beneath the Iron Sky
I see you walking
Weíre all gonna die
So take a taste
Beneath the Iron Sky