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Shining Wizard (Shine On)
Only the Dead (Chapter 2)
Song of Servants
Nova Kane
Reaching Out
Cast a Stone
Children of the Cross





Oh the room is spinning again,
Seems like I can never win my friend
I lie awake in fear every night.
I hold on to the earth until the day I die.


Truth be told thereís reasons,

Why I never see the day
Another madmanís sympathy will

Wash my pain away




I thrust my hands and reach for the floor.
It seems like nothing ever sits still no more
I lie awake inside of a dream
and hold on to the colors as the lasers scream


Honestly I never touched it.
Never will again, another dose of suicide
My only medicine.



Somethingís wrong with everyone

Everything around me is gone

Something in my eyes

just isnít looking quite the same.
Something in the atmosphere

I swear I hear them call me here..

Somethingís buried in the ground
calling me this way.


Some sincere yet other light
calling me into the night

Thought provoking entity

Thatís giving me a sign

See it sitting on the ground.
Something like a plague youíve found

Reading me my misery

Life just passes by.




Oh the nights are calling,
Back into the womb I climb.

Iím forever stalking

Questions that are lost in time.

Days are always numbered

Search the truth but you canít find.
Hopefully the answers,
Standing in the alter prime


Can you help me
Causeí I think Iíve gone away
Gone but returning Iím floating and burning

I cannot find my way.
If I told you what your life was worth
What would you say?


This is your place of worship
a virtual machine,
Here youíre just a number

And no one hears you scream

Give nothing but confession

A registry of faith

And dollars for salvation

This way youíre always safe.


Can you help me
causeí I feel you have the light

Fearing and crying while screaming and dying

Itís just another life. If I told you I could end all this

What would you say?


Let it obliterate you, this place that you donít know
fear of death enslaves you and it will never go

So please, place your faith in me.
and understand you canít pay to be free


Temple and an altar
a sac religious SuperGod

The sunsets now in heaven

And souls are lost by his faÁade

Could there be a future?

He says ďJesus saves us all in time,
but youíre another loser, a hidden life leading the blindĒ


Wonít you help me causeí

I feel youíve lost your way

The screaming the dying the

whole worlds colliding

I donít know what to say.
If I told you what your soul is worth

would you give it to me?


SuperGod, Light your life on another day
SuperGod, Light your faith on another way

SuperGod, Take your pain away from me
SuperGod, Make your life another way.





Only the Dead (Chapter 2)

Harvesting memories,
I cannot even breathe
Maybe tomorrow

Theyíll be someone to say

Iím alright

And I cannot even walk
itís a miracle

I can move at all oh the pain

how it cripples me inside.


Maybe in the morning
I could be just fine
Light as black as nature
Darker than my mind
In the dead of night
a spirit is reborn
Never forgetting what I have learned

Never remembering why Iím gone


Yet, Iím oh so cold.
I feel as though Iíve lost my soul
Maybe thereís a method to this

Madness that I feel.
I lay awake at night

My dreams are oh so frightening
What is there to do when your

Mind fails on you?


Tell myself itís over. Maybe Iíll be fine
Lying to my little inner child.
One more time.
Maybe if I could forgive I would be fine

Never forgive thatís what I have learned
Never forget thatís why I am gone.


I hate my memories, It feels as though
Theyíve turned on me.
close my eyes and now I feel like less.
than what I was before. I feel as though
I closed the door maybe someday
my mind could be saved.


Feeling nothing as I look up to the sky
Clouds are only answers, of questions

In my mind. Feels like the sky is falling
now weíre going to die.
Never forgetting the words I said
Never remembering why Iím dead.





The color hurts, It blinds my eyes.
With mystic words, They hypnotize
and you know itís true.


Look up to the sunset,

and notice that Iím fine

itís never understanding
and itís a flaw of yours and mine
oh yeah,


I cannot speak, Canít find words to say.
but Iím improving more everyday
and itís all for you


Heavy is the head
of the man who wears the crown
Whoís been lost for oh so long
but now Iíve finally found a way.


What have they said, All hypocrisy

Their evil cuts so deep into me.

Because itís so untrue.

Hand of god is overrated

Timeís not gone itís devastated

Evil is more complicated

You told another lie.

Song of Servants (Sleeping Eyes Awake)


Itís the same old problem
Living with these voices in my head
and itís a shame, Iíll stall them

Compiling every tragic thing theyíve said.

Searching for a meaning to their madness

And loosing all my senses and control

Leaving me to battle with the sadness.

And hoping that thereís nothing more to know

Oh I know it.


So let your light shine down on me
Maybe if the sun would shine I could finally see.

Kill the pain, like a martyr.
Hanging from the old oak hanging tree.

Burn your faith, holy father.
your fire still burns deep inside of me

Thereís a time for peace and time for revolution
so donít go thinking that this canít be worse.
and if you are unclear of his intentions
your cups will overflow with blinding curse.

Oh I canít be first


Causeí there is so much in front of me
Maybe if the sun will rise I could finally see


Angels fall to earth
Despising all what could have been

A never-ending birth, of life is starting new again
Angels fall to plea, begging God to stop it please
Never seeing peace.


Seeking fame, Retribution

Sorting through the last inside the line

In the same institution

Thatís telling me eventually Iím fine.


Searching for the answers of tomorrow

While sorting through the questions of today
breaking through the shackles that I borrow.

And knowing that there is only hell to pay

Oh what can I say

Causeí there is no place Iíd rather be
I feel an ultra violet ray of death

Shinning down on me.



Nova Kane


Am I sleeping, Am I trippiní
am I alive or have I left this world behind?
I feel helpless, I feel hopeless.
Going nowhere and Iím frozen Iím lost in time


And Iíve got questions inside my mind.
Numbing the pain just one more time

Am I bleeding, Must be dreaming,
Is this the start of something Iíve already done
I feel nothing, losing time
Iím still frozen feeling so painfully numb


Make my problems disappear every night
Just one more dose and Iíll be fine.





Manipulate, Complicate
Critique the situation

Violate, Terminate

Be part of the infliction

Dying god, Soul is flawed
Taking all but anger>
Fearing time, Lifeís divine

And now weíre all but strangers


You canít even understand.
Save yourself. You canít save yourself.

Oh yeah


Intimidate, instigate

A soul to dance in fire

Feel the hate, levitate
Iím getting so much higher.
Fallen words, losing god

A fight without a winner

Science creates, humans take

The source of all this pressure


You canít even understand.
Save yourself. You canít save yourself
Oh Yeah.


Give another reason, The end is so refined
A life thatís out of season, I prey for yours and mine
Let only superstition lead you through the fire
life can be for giving, but life can be a liar.

And I say oh.

Watch it disappear in a moment of time
watch it disappear in a blink of an eye


The king laughs at the jester
The jester wears the crown

The answers youíve been searching

You finally have found

The emptiness is swollen
To words you canít believe

Alone inside the places

Where life has no meaning

And I say oh.


Watch it disappear I have nothing to say

Watch it disappear watch them take it away.





Hold, onto the hours they cry
Controlled, not by the tempters that lie
Fate a silhouette of graves encompassing

Life, Cold and devoured

They say that life is killing you
They say youíre running in circles

Turn around donít look down
Nothing left to do.


Fear, Nothing but heavenís design
Hate, not for a second he cries.

Lost wilted pedals of our misery

Fate controlled and devoured


Your soul is screaming you will not find your way
another day gone by in shadows of your shame.
Soulless depression man, looks you in the eye

His only purpose is to ruin your whole life.


Death, shrugging his shoulders at man
Hope, Hoping for miracles at hand.

Fire, my lost desire that once was threatening
Life, Cold and devoured


You say your mind has turned on you
You say youíre running in circles

Turn around, Look around.
Whatícha gonna do?


Inside Info: "The intro to Circles actually wasn't written to be there at first. When Josh threw down his final bass track that was a little riff he played around with and it seemed to fit perfectly. We kept it and threw that flanger effect on the bass. Circles is all about the appreciation of the present... because someone out there is always looking to steal your happiness away and you never know what tomorrow brings. It's the old adage that "The only way a person can hurt you is if you allow them". I don't know true it holds up in all cases but there are some great moments in this song!






Youíre just a sacrificial lamb
Forgotten their stories

You battle with gods among men
Your whole life theyíve told you
ĒYou canít winĒ and you canít
Confusion is spreading and causing

Your mind to defend


Lower than heaven, Higher than hell
somewhere between where the glass it had fell
Fearing the sorrow of witcheryís spell.
Woe is the tale that I tell.


Youíre just a fruit in devilís hands

Wilted and withered in times where you should make a stand
For greatness youíve traveled but there is nothing yet
The curse of the fire thatís burnt the inside of your hand.


Slither with serpents, sly with disease
Posturing people all down on their knees.
Worshiping shadows and false entities
Bring all your Woe onto me


You think youíre safe when you are lying in bed
Their ghostly image I canít get from my head.
Theyíre saying words that put the nightmares in your head
Just like the catacombs that live in my head.


You are a world away from them
an opinion means nothing if there is no fight in the end

And theyíve always told you that ďYou canít winĒ But you can.
The last curtainís calling and I am your biggest fan
Till I see you again




Reaching Out


Climbing from a hole
That Iíve dug inside the ground
Rising from control
and Iíve lost the depth of sound
Living was ideal

When you consider all Iíve done
But the end result is sorrow
Just canít embrace what now is gone

And I reach so High
I could touch the sky
And Iím reaching out for more


Consider the objective
If you take the time youíll find

Thereís another whole perspective
From an opposing altered mind
Thereís one corner with an angel
and a devil dressed in drag.
And if you are choosing someone

Just be sure which one you have


Or your soul may fly
To another parasite.
Stay reaching out for more/


Oh the night has called again,
With no understanding
Weíre lost and demanding the end
Oh, Everythingís a sin
Love and devotion is spreading like cancerous trends

Till I see you again.


Oh seven deadly sins,
One for the father
the sun that departed from him

Oh everything is dead

In a world that is choking
a child lies broke in the end.

Till I see you again.



Cast a Stone


Forget about obsession,
What is it that you desire most?
The wrong direction?
Follow your head if your heartís not willing
It makes me sad to stop and think
We canít trust each other

I tried so hard to salvage everything is gone forever

Crimson shadows on the wall that breed
all the sadness passes we will not
Cast a stone forever


Accept my invitation
Walk this way and I will be your host
Another stranger

staring through the eyes of his own ghost.
It makes me sad to sit and ponder

why is this over
Iíve been amused for far to long

and now our time is over


Crosses spinning round by candle light

All the darkness breathing we will not
Cast a stone forever.


The pain is your salvation,
The only proof that you were once alive

You destination for the rest of your miserable life

It makes me sad to see the things
That once could happen.
Reality has crippled me and

Now my soul is saddened


The light goes black!



Children of the Cross


Let the sun refuse to shine,
Blow away the day.
Life is nothing more than moments
Moments fade away
Images of heaven sparkle

To you virgin soul
Another falsehood lies creator
Stories can be told



Let them cry their crimson tears
Salting all the earth
Falter on their shameful blessings
Watch them turn to curse
Images of death devour

All your peaceful dreams.

Another visions turning sour
Life is hard but, thatís all over now


Resurrection, crucifixion,
Just another lie.
Feast your eyes on peace of mind

And sympathize my

children of the cross



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