This Place Got So Dark

Tonight we fade away
Close your eyes for a moment and weíre gone
Selfishly we believe we may
Reach up to the ashes of the sun
Öand itís burning me

Thereís this ghost inside my eyes
and Iím seeín through his lies again
thereís this tortured empty life
I know itís mine

Walking hand in hand
through this darkened place
Just a memory
So near yet far
Foolishly we laugh and play
Never really knowing who we are
and youíre killing me

Thereís this hole inside my heart
and itís tearing me apart again
Oh this place it got so dark

Burning in fire, this shallow empty grave
Thereís no desire to be saved
Youíre like a shadow, you drown me in your shame
You are my poison. I lick the blade again.

Through armegeddon my army marches blind
although I canít escape your eyes
No more emotions I cannot understand
No resurrections by your hands
Tormentor of my life
Spewing this vile sign
Into this coffin I
Forever dieÖ and Iím oh so sleepy