Planet Gemini
Wizards Blood


Church of Madness (Colony 13)

Oh my children of fire,
Youíve been down for oh so long.
Now your time has expired,
No more concerns about whatís right and wrong.

Oh my fallen messiah
They may cut but youíll never bleed
With eternal desire
Live for the pleasure itís all that you need

Come down with me
This light youíll never see
Come home with me
Colony 13, Colony 13

Follow me through this madness
To this place we cannot let go
In the perils of sadness
Thereís so much more than you ever will know.

The Devil You Seek

In silence he stands, In the dead of the night
Unholy desire, Hellfire's been burning so bright
That itís hurting my eyes
The devil you seek, Ainít the devil youíll find
Thereís a cloud over heaven, And the rain has been falling all night
And itís drenched me with lies

Oh God of the Earth, Drink my holy wine
Oh ruler of heaven, Your smiling soul fills me with spite
Now step into the light
A serpent of wrath, Is a stitch left in time
You scream to eleven, Yet seven still suits me just fine
Now wait for my sign
Itís my only sign 

Left for dead, Itís never-ending
Time moves on, Time moves on.
Is it heaven sent, No understanding
Time moves on, Time moves on.

I donít know what controls me
I donít know what sets me free
All I know is it owns me
and the end is all that I see 

Wonít you please take my hand, Wonít you please keep me safe
From another decent
Into all my lost glory and hate, I just think itís my fate
And so it is written, And so it shall pass
Satan is laughing. As we move from the scars of the past.
and we're moving to fast 


Death Comes Out

Whoa, such painful intent
Nothing but shattered dreams
Crawling through pain on the floor
Deadly images I have seen
Future madness controlling me
And death comes out to call

My witness, Arise
A soul as black as nightlife
Smiling with his rotted stench
Forgiveness, From lies
They say to heir is human
To dwell divine in this shadow of emptiness 

Whoa, Theyíre at it again
Nothing but silent screams
Alone in my mind it is home
In the darkness I just canít see
All the evil surrounding me
And death comes out to call

My vision, Reprised
Itís cold as I imagined
Brighter than a thousand fires
A lifetime, resized
Shortened by temptation
Shrouded in this shadow of emptiness 

Whoa, Malicious consent
Bound by the horrid scene
Calling to faceless unknowns
Spawn of demons to punish me
Song of Servants they sing to me
When death comes out to call


My heathens, Fly
On wings of destination
Flapping to their mortal sins
I feel it subside
So breathe the smoke of terror
From depths inside this shadow of emptiness


Into the night we ride
Another place in time
Into the void we dive
Through stars and sky
now weíre lost forever

Into eternal life
Passing through mountainsides
See through this ancient eye
Two worlds collide, now weíre lost forever 

Now weíre lost forever
Now weíre lost forever
Now weíre lost forever
Now weíre lost..

Travel through spectral light
Through winds exotic flight
Into this lack of life
Through brazen nights
Now weíre lost forever
How vast out legions cry
As theyíre all brushed aside
Throughout this solar ride
Two worlds collide, now weíre lost forever

Now weíre lost forever
Now weíre lost forever
Now weíre lost forever
Now weíre lost


The Haunting

if you want to see, how we live inside
Take a look around, They are longing
If you cannot feel, and you live a lie
Come and stand your ground, Inside the Haunting

Another soul escapes the daylight
The shattered mirror's on the wall

When you're out of time, and there's no return
Breathe your final breath, They are watching
If you see the sign, and the chalice burns
Take your sip of death, it's just so haunting

Another fool possessed by sunlight
You hear the whispers as they crawl

As the coffin leaks, and the flesh decay
Stop and turn around, there is nothing
As the widow weeps, all the games we play
Seem to spiral down into the haunting

They're burning witches in the nightlife
Their flames of sin surround us all


Twist the Knife
You feel the Earth is shaking
Your time is here your world is falling down
The universe is breaking

And you canít come down from your black cloud
You hear the ravens screaming
The sound of demons calling out your name
Apocalyptic dreaming and youíll never see
The light of day again 

Your vanity, Your sanity
Humanity, Why canít you see?

I tried to offer reason
The bitter truth was wrapped inside this lie
I called you once my Legion
But Iíd rather die than to see you by my side
Enough of double dealing
The hand is dealt the cards have all been read
and there is no appealing
The man who wore the crown is long since dead.

 Your apathy, Your ecstasy
Your euphony, It just canít be 

Prepare to meet your maker
He sits and smiles while counting out your sins
And who shall be your savior
When the hand of god is nailed into your skin
Itís an eternal fire,
a place in time that we cannot control
And how you precious liars
Fell to your knees as the
Wizard of Void took your soul 

Through empathy, Through destiny
Through disbelief, Inside you scream


As the Lasers Scream/Handful of Annihilation

I hold annihilation, I grip it oh so close
Foolish intoxication, I almost had that hope
Is this your ever after, Your lonely lullaby
Your songs of burning laughter
All pain thatís passed me by

And nothing is calling again
And nowhereís my only friend

Let darkness light the way
Through the shallow voices calling
All have dues to pay
And in the end, your sky is falling 

The lust of sinful pleasure,
A burden we all share
And on your knees you cherish
A God that isnít there
We all are merely players
In this vast stage of life
False prophets and betrayers
Until the day we die 

And no one is holding our hand
Make darkness your only friend 

And let chaos light the way
Blindly walking where it guides you
The passing of the day
The silhouette of hell inside you 

Serve in heaven, rule in hell my friend
I can see the blood of angels
Clot the sands of time
(Higher and Higher)
Moving forward through this deadly bend
I behold this ancient wonder
Appealing to my eyes
Burning me insideÖ


Foolish tempter this might be the end
I can see the tears of sadness
Wash away the lies
(Higher and Higher)
Soul assassin life is on the mend
I confess I love the torment
Youíve put me through in time.
It hurts me to confide


Buried Alive

Sinners you tremble all with guilt
Youíll never wash away the pain inside your eyes
Tempters youíre such an infidel
Youíll always walk five steps behind for all your lies

 Wandering blindly, how can they find me
While burning from fires inside
Lifeís an explosion. False hopes and emotions
That cripples and buries alive

Youíre buried alive
Barely alive

Coward, I take you from this place
Youíre just a follower thatís following again
Devour this small yet deadly space
Youíre just a losing begging for another win

Cringing in terror, Hiding forever
The spirit of love never dies
No hope for tomorrow so drown in your sorrow
And leave this bleak world all behind 

Youíre buried alive
You might as well die

You cling to silence itís your only friend
Maybe tomorrow it will be your end
(Without me)
Your dispositionís such a sweet success
and now you just become a fatal trend

Embracing the ending
The sorrow is sending
A candle is snuffed by the light
and on the horizon your red glowing eyes
On your spirit they kiss you goodnight

 Youíre buried alive
The Devilís Inside

Your Buried


World of Shine
Iím at it again, selling my dreams for gold
Iím wondering when and if Iíll ever win
Iím losing my mind
I know there is nothing left
I feel this pain over and over again

Youíve got me in shadows of your
World of Shine
Iím spinning in cages of your
World of Shine

Iíve fallen again, so far I canít find my way
The loneliest trend is that Iím here to stay
Iím writhing again the tears almost drying now
I cannot pretend that there is anything

Youíve got me in capsules in your
World of Shine
Iím falling to pieces in your
World of Shine


I can see the days gone by like shadows left in time
Worst of all is what youíre thinking probably is right


Could this be the end?
Have the colors all turned black?
The lights have all gone dim

Thereís no turning back
Another day I spend
A prisoner of fear within
Could I ever win? Could I ever win?


Whoa, can you tell me how to live again
Hey, I canít seem to find that peace of mind
Yeah, You have left me with this soulless mask of
Pleasure, as heavens been denied again.



Let's resurrect you child, Let's take your soul away
The memories of tomorrows dream
Just fall into eternity alone.

You walk alone again
The blood is running from your eyes of hate

The isolated smile the shadows of your shame
Speak nothing of this horrid scene
The peace will keep you oh so far away

Your on your own again
The blood is running from your hand of fate 


(Wizard of Void/Shining Wizard)

Witchburner, Firewalker
A candle in the night
Dreamcatcher, Soul deceiver
Never sees the light
Magnetic Orb of Terror
Comes to end your life
Bloodsucker lie creator
Gonna twist your knife

Living in your mind
The only way to hide
Search and you will find
The Wizard of Void takes your soul.

Webcrawler, Dreamcreator
Lord of all this world
Nocturnal Ghost Messiah
Fighting for your woe
Airwalker, Dreamcreator
Smashing all your youth
Protector, Undertaker
Fearing for the truth

Living in your mind
The only way to hide
Search and you will find
The Wizard of Void takes your soul.

You'd better run
The light we all created, The only sun shining before us
Is gone...

Living in your mind
The perfect place to hide
Search and you will find
The Wizard of Void takes your soul

Come with me through the fire

You're all alone in this place that you call home
The same old lies. Wizard of void gonna take your soul away
So say goodnight there's no place that you can hide
Cuz the Wizard of Void gonna take your soul away

Gone Away

(Shine On!)