My world stopped spinning since I found you
Eternal happiness surrounds you
Your lost divinity, could only set me free
I just can't seem to be without you

Your mirror shattered since you found me
There's just no way to get around me
Down praying on your knees, won't someone help you please
There's just no ecstasy without me

They say nothing's forever
Take a hold of the flame
There's a path to tomorrow
From the sins of today

So we'll light up our crosses
and form out a line
as our spirit stays broken
till' the end of all time

From the sins of the father
We must hold up as one
There's an angel who's laughing
Cause he's under the gun
There will be no solution
There is no more last stand
As we pray to forever
To sit on God's left hand



Welcome to my nightmare
It's such a hopeful place where angels come to die
and say "Hello" my dear obsidian
My darkness you're the apple of my eye
There can be no redemption
The fools will sail away on ships of gold
and even though I am your captain
I'm sinking on this trip or so I'm told

and while we must part ways I
I'll be the first to say I
I might have lost my way
But, I will stay inside my nightmare

Welcome to oblivion
it seems you've heard this song a thousand times before
and tremble on my centurions
your death is guaranteed you know the score
There can be no solution
No help alleviating all your fears
and even though I am your tempter
you can rest assured that I'll always be here

although I've lost my mind I
I think it's hard to find
Someone to leave behind
this ghostly stare
Inside my nightmare

Welcome to my obsession
it's such a bloody world where demon's come to play
I stand alone with this infliction
as cowards come & go and fall away
feast your eyes on your savior
this piece of me that's lying on the floor
so grin and bare your fucking weakness
and cry a million tears that's all you're good for

and so I close my eyes
and wait for your demise
eternal my heart lies
Love is here inside my nightmare



Tonight we'll meet inside the runes
the candle's sing to the silvery moon

Our ceremony held by fire's in the night

Oh how her colors turn to Grey
her image lifts then floats away

and so we dine on souls of 5 that meet tonight
and through the vision of the flames we fantasize

Tonight we call what never shows
and beg for answers we'll never know

Our eyes colliding with the stars we set in sight
and though the darkness broods it sets our world a-light



I hear the angels sing, to fly up high on devil's wings
This nightmare knows my name it's calling me to rise again

I got a bomb in my head that's tickin'
You cannot run and you'll never hide
I gotta be sure someone is listening
Nobody moves or it's genocide

Could be my tortured past, the only memories that last
To bask in afterglow, the blood it runs so deep below

I got a voice in my head still talking
It says tomorrow is barred and blurred
I've got a million disciples watching
My legion's march when I give the word

Black rain for all to see this vessel that's no longer me
this heaven for my soul, a piece of hell I bring to all

this soul-less entity, this piece of you that once was me



Look at what you've done
you've drown yourself in sorrow
and words you're always choking on
and what have you become
so empty and so hollow
there's no room for tomorrow when it's said and done

Another foolish fight
a struggle for our freedom
and things that we will never find
and all the while we try
to touch a star in heaven
forgetting now to mention how it'd burn inside

Time moves way too fast and time won't last it let's you down
Time moves way too fast and I see time has got you now

and offering to remember, to give your soul away
what's good for you tomorrow, is deadliest today

Leave your soul behind
left for all mankind to see what's happening too you
how you're losing all...



It may come as some surprise but there's this curse behind my eyes
I'd walk away but I can't seem to let it go
Here it rains in blood and sand and there's this fire in my hand
that seems to conjure different places yet unknown

You better believe it

Now you can choose to call me liar
but it sets my world on fire
a million words of misery and then we're gone
off to places never seen like some twisted horrid dream
that will beckon all these screams that must live on

So, believe this empty tale
it's all I have to prove it's real
the shadows only show themselves to me at night
but they whisper songs of hope
and the promises they spoke
is all I need to carry on their worthy fight

You better believe it


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