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The nature of my recording process produces some interesting demos at times. I mean I come out with some stuff that just doesn't sound like "Planet Gemini" but I still enjoy it for what it is. For the most part it is all Heavy music however there are some things that I do that wouldn't be considered "Doom Metal" by any standards. What you are about to download are DEMOS. They are probably unfinished and just things that do not belong in the Planet Gemini universe. When I write an album I am always very concerned with the "Flow" of the album. Sometimes a song will get cut if it just doesn't fit with anything else. This is the case with a lot of the demos I'll present to you now. My ultimate goal (as with everything I do with Planet Gemini) is to give everyone an inside look to my musical mind. Even of that consists of outtakes and things that are not polished.

Where Your Future Lies
Mr. Miracle


These two songs were recorded as a "solo" project I was going to do last summer (while Josh was on hiatus) I wanted to make my own project this way I could continue making music but not be a complete jerk to Josh and continue Planet Gemini without him. Josh later left the band claiming "You are Planet Gemini anyway" (no arguments there). The project was to be called "Loomis" (any Halloween fan will understand the name) I liked these demos but they were very raw. Hope you enjoy!


The last jam I did with Josh before he left the band. I think the lyrics kind of say it all for this. I was kind of hurting that Josh was leaving but more importantly I was hurting because my friend was in so much pain and I couldn't do anything to help. It's so funny because I had no idea he was about to leave the band when I improvised the lyrics to this track and this song basically tells the tale completely. I really enjoy this jam but that's all it was is a messy jam track. Hope you enjoy it.

Return of the Ritual
Can't Escape Your Eyes
This Place Got So Dark

The Cauldron of Fuzz IV original demos actually had a drummer that wasn't me on them (hence fourth the much better drumming). My friend Dan sat in and jammed with us on some great songs. These three tracks represent some of the songs we worked on but never finished

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