Just One More Time
This is the newest piece of Planet Gemini DEMO material. It was actually just a demo of a new drum micing technique and it ended up sounding quite good. The riff was catchy and I generally think that this is a very good demo (I wouldn't doubt if this found it's way onto something somewhere down the line)

You Won't Change Me (1994 Rehearsal)
This is the oldest recording I have of the "ORIGINAL" Planet Gemini back in the day (before it was called Planet Gemini and we were going by the name Knight or Black Knight). This was a rehearsal done on a Tascam 4 track back in 1994 (perhaps earlier not 100% certain). I remember being very happy with this recording back in the day but time did not do well to that 4 track tape and it sounds all screwy. The vocals are ear piercing and extremely off key hehe.. but it was a rehearsal and in the interest of fun I figured I would give you all a glimpse of how bad of a band we were early on. This song is also one of the few recordings I have with my old drummer (Aaron). F.Y.I. I actually tried to get a hold of Aaron back in 2004 to see if he would be interested in recording something with Josh and I at the time and he just wasn't interested in this style of music anymore. I really enjoyed these days and I love listening to old demos.


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