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Planet Gemini
The Path of the Wicked [ep]
Recorded: 2007
Genre: DOOM

the path
Two Worlds

A Little ROCK In Your Shoe
Recorded: October 2006
Genre: Classic Rock
Distinction Coverart
At Last
Mustang Sally


in 2002 "Doom Room" Studios was opened to create material for the band "Planet Gemini". In 2006 the founding member of Planet Gemini opened up his studio to the public.

Some bands that have recorded here include "The Difference" (Featuring members of Beyond the Embrace), The Distinction, So Automatic... and many other local artists looking to record their music. Jeff "Oly" Olson (of the Chicago Doom metal icons TROUBLE) has sat in and laid down drum tracks in the past in my studio and couldn't believe the mammouth sound that my drums can get (as you are all aware the drum sound is probably the must cruecal thing to making a good sounding album). When Jeff starts recording his new Retro Grave (solo album) he told me he will be doing it in this studio.

What sets me apart from everyone else? I mean I just record in a LARGE room. There is no isolation booths or vocal rooms. The answer is quite simple...It's the fact that I've recorded, mixed and mastered over 12 albums in this "room". I have gone from using an electronic drumkit to finding the perfect "Bonham" sound on my Mapex Pro M Studio kit. In 2006/2007 I spent most of my time experimenting with different micing techniques. I worked on getting the "Perfect" sounds. Replicating things like micing of old Led Zeppelin and Deep Purple albums to obtain a very close sound.
Basically what sets me apart from other musicians is that I freely admit I do not know everything. But, I work very hard at achieving the sound that I want. Anyone who knows me knows and understands how serious I take my music. In the last year my recording abiltiy (as well as playing ability) has improved ten times over what it was before.

To the left are some audio clips of other projects recorded at DOOM ROOM studio.


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